Top 7 most beautiful cities in the United States


Top 7 most beautiful cities in the United States

Each country has characteristics that make it unique and unique. Regardless of its population, it has qualities that attract many tourists from around the world. In the case of the United States of America , they constitute a territory desired by more than one. History, culture and passions fascinate holidaymakers. When the opportunity arises to go, you must visit some impressive cities. Here we list the 7 most beautiful cities in the United States.

  • 1 San Francisco
  • 2 Chicago
  • 3 New Orleans
  • 4 New York
  • 5 Las Vegas
  • 6 Los Angeles
  • 7 Miami
  • 8 Prepare your trip

San Francisco

Great city of California, it is revealed as a city emblematic for its beauty and its tourist sites. It stands out thanks to its historic Golden Gate Bridge . The latter represents a suspension bridge over 2.7 kilometers long built in 1873 . However, this is not his only wealth. The famous “Downhills” also arouses huge interests. Cyclists and skaters especially appreciate it for its land. Here are some other treasures of this city:
  • The terrible federal prison of Alcatraz nicknamed “the Rocks”;
  • The sublime Yosemite National Park;
  • Markets and picturesque Fisherman’s Wharf Wharf;
  • The magnificent Museum of Modern Art where you will find the works of Matisse and Andy Warhol;
  • The legendary Haight Ashbury neighborhood is known for its streets lined with Victorian houses, studios and trendy bars.


Renowned as an architectural region, it is located along Lake Michigan . It is a photogenic and vertical city, and stands out for its magnificent Skyline. Indeed, all over the world, it appears as a forest of glass and metal. It becomes leader in the field of architecture thanks to its iconic buildings. In the city there are 27 buildings over 200 m high and 6 buildings over 300 m tall . Here are three of these beautiful designs:
  • The Willis Tower : built in 1973, it has long held (25 years) the title of the highest tower in the world with its 527 m, before the construction of Pretonas towers in Malaysia. Previously named “Sears Tower”, it remains the tallest building in the city;
  • The John Hancock Center : completed in 1969, it is 457 m high (including its antenna) and is the second tallest building;
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower : expected to reach 600 m, it rises to 360 m without its antenna and to 423 m including it. It remains the property of President Trump.

New Orleans

It represents the musical capital and is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Located on the edge of one of the largest rivers in the world ( Mississippi ), it holds colonial architectures of French inspiration. The Faubourg Marigny remains its most emblematic neighborhood full of artists. You will not miss to meet Jazz clubs that are found in every street corner. During your visit, here are some places you absolutely must explore:

  • The French Quarter which houses the Saint Louis Cathedral and represents the historic center of the city;
  • Bourbon Street, which remains the most famous street;
  • The Cabildo Museum remains the perfect place to better appreciate the history of Louisiana.

New York

The unmissable city of a thousand facets is perhaps the most beautiful city in the United States. It remains the most attractive center of the world with the thousands of tourists who visit it especially in summer. You will probably spend a day, so as well know it. Indeed, since 2012, it houses the tallest tower (541 m) of the US (One World Trade Center) . With 794 buildings over 100m high, it remains the second highest city in the world behind Hong Kong. An impressive fact, the assembly of all the skyscrapers of the city gives an incredible length of 127 km. Thus, it represents a forest of buildings with gigantic towers like:
  • Three World Trade Center (329m) built in 2016;
  • Four World Trade Center (298 m) completed in 2013;
  • 432 Park Avenue (426 m) inaugurated in 2015;
  • Empire State Building (381 m) built since 1931.
In addition to these buildings, New York is also full of emblematic monuments such as:
  • The famous statue of Liberty;
  • 5th Avenue in Manhattan for shopping;
  • Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake break;
  • Central Park for moments of entertainment;
  • Harlem in 52 nd Street for jazz concerts.

Las Vegas

The extravagance of this city precedes it beyond the borders. Located in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas refers to a mythical place known for its excesses in pleasures. In the United States, it represents a city of passion that reflects the joy of living. Well known for its casinos, it welcomes millions of tourists every year to try their luck. Games of chance, money, flaming shows, wedding a la carte or hypnotizing neon are his main activities. Nicknamed the “  city ​​of sin  ”, it represents a place where nothing seems impossible. In addition to its fun and lucrative qualities, Las Vegas also has important constructions that make it proud. Among others, you will find:

  • 59 buildings larger than 100 m;
  • Stratosphere Tower (350 m), the tallest building in the city, home to a casino;
  • The future Casino Fontainebleau Resort (224 m) which exceeds the Pallazo (195 m) and the Trump Tower (192 m);
  • The replica of the Eiffel Tower (165 m) completed in 1999.

Los Angeles

Do you want explosive entertainment? See you in Los Angeles, the very famous movie city. It represents the capital of the film, the temple of the cinema . Known to the world through its Hollywood production company , you can follow in the footsteps of your favorite actors and stars during your visit to this city. Many tourists have taken the step before you, and they have appreciated. In your turn, do not miss the opportunity to go there. Here are some other areas you can see:

  • Walk of fame, the landmark of Hollywood stars;
  • Universal City, the largest local amusement park that houses Disneyland;
  • Malibu, the most beautiful beach in California;
  • Sunset Boulevard known for its trendy bars and clubs.


In the United States, it ranks fourth in the most visited cities by the French . She has an impressive meteorological feature: even in winter, the temperature remains above 20 ° C . This contributes to the crowds on its beaches where you can sunbathe and practice various sports (kayaking or surfing). In addition, Miami stands out for its musical atmosphere with Latin-Caribbean sounds. The giant shopping malls CocoWalk and The Streets of Mayfair are the perfect shopping destination.

Prepare your trip

To fully enjoy your visit to the United States, you must comply with US law. So already start by requesting the ESTA visa ( Electronic System for Travel Authorization ) . To do this, follow these steps:
  • Fill out the ESTA application form;
  • Upload the request on their website;
  • In a relatively short time, you will receive an e-mail with your ESTA.

With the reinforcement of US border security, ESTA remains the reliable and indispensable way to enter the territory . For the request, you must have:
  • A valid passport;
  • A charged credit card
  • Your contact details
  • Your recent job

I found this article relatively interesting. He sums up the problem of ESTA very well:
Why ask for an ESTA authorization to go to Chicago?

Visiting the most beautiful cities in the United States of America remains a dream for thousands of tourists. Get ready now to experience moving moments!

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