‘The power of a veteran’ Lee Seung-ki’s ‘class’ made the difference in his first game in half a year…”Let’s get Busan promoted!”

It was the move of thirty-five-year veteran Lee Seung-ki (Busan) that made the difference in the Suwon FC match on June 6.

In the first leg of the Hana OneQ K League Promotion Playoffs (PO) against Suwon FC at Busan Asiadju Stadium, Lee came on for Sung Ho-young at halftime after Suwon had conceded an early goal to Jang Jae-woong in the 42nd minute to go down 1-0. In the 37th minute of the second half, while the score was still 0-1, midfielder Lee Seung-ki sprinted toward the back of the opponent’s defense, and the ball was delivered to Lee Seung-ki at the right time. Suwon FC forward Lee Seung-woo tackled Lee to stop the attack. The referee determined that Lee’s foot touched Lee’s leg and awarded a penalty. After the video assistant referee (VAR) was activated, the penalty was upheld. Ramas stepped up to take the kick and calmly converted. Six minutes into the second half of stoppage time, Ramas converted another penalty to make it 2-1 and give Busan the lead for promotion. A draw in the second leg of the promotion PO on Sept. 9 at Suwon Sports Complex will be enough to move up to the first division.

Lee Seung-ki, who played a key role in his return to the field after a six-month absence against Gimpo in June, said, “I was hoping that I could help the team get promoted. Watching the game from the bench, I saw what we were doing well and what we were lacking. In the second half, when I came on early, I thought I should take my time and shape our play like a senior, and it worked out well, so we were able to finish the game well.” “I was worried because it took a long time, but luckily we got a PK and our opponent got sent off. I was like, ‘Let’s try to win with a little more energy,’ and it was great (to win).”

“Coach Park Jin-seop ordered the tactic of ‘passing the ball back and forth’. I’m usually good at catching what the coaches say, and as I was turning around (moving), the ball came. When I received the ball, I didn’t know who was behind me. Suddenly, Seung-woo came up to me and asked me if I didn’t catch it. I said, “I think I did,” and a penalty was given.

Busan’s most senior player, Lee Seung-ki, recalled that “the players seemed to be more nervous than usual in the final game of the league,” and said, “I told my younger brothers, ‘Let’s not sell ourselves short. We are the best team in the second division. ‘ I kept telling them, ‘We are the best team in the second division, and if you believe in yourself, it will work out.’ I think the players felt a lot of this because they played against the first team once again, so I think they could do better in the second game.” 토토사이트

For Lee himself, Busan’s promotion this year is significant. After making his professional debut in Gwangju and enjoying a stellar career with Jeonbuk, Lee left Jeonbuk earlier this year to make a new home in Busan. The team slipped up in the final round of the regular season and failed to win the second division, ending a 10-season winning streak. However, recalling his experience of winning the second division with Sangju Commerce (now Gimcheon), Lee dreamed of a “promotion ending,” saying, “I hope we get promoted this year and continue my career like that.

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