Avoid automatic relegation…K-League 1 Gangwon-Suwon ‘desperate fight for the title’

With just three games remaining in this season’s professional soccer K League 1 season, 11th-ranked Gangwon FC and 12th-ranked Suwon Samsung will resume their desperate ‘battle for the title’.

After a brief break for the Korea Football Association FA Cup, the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 will play 36 rounds on Nov. 11-12.

With ‘absolute champions’ Ulsan Hyundai clinching the title on March 29, fans’ attention now turns to the ‘last place’ team, which is automatically relegated to the K League 2.

With three games remaining until the end of the season, the ‘battle for the drop’ has been narrowed down to a two-way tie between 11th-ranked Gangwon FC (27 points) and 12th-ranked Suwon Samsung (26 points). Gangwon leads Suwon on points, but Suwon has the advantage on goal difference.

The 12th-place team in K League 1 is automatically relegated to K League 2 next season.

The 10th and 11th place teams, on the other hand, will play a promotion playoff (PO) against a K League 2 team for one more chance to stay in K League 1.

Both Gangwon and Suwon are fighting to avoid the bottom of the table, but neither has been performing well lately.

In their last 10 games, Gangwon has two wins, four draws, and four losses (11 goals scored and 11 goals conceded), while Suwon has two wins, two draws, and six losses (six goals scored and 16 goals conceded).

Both teams have had a poor run of form, with only two wins in 10 games, but Gangwon has been better than Suwon in terms of goals scored and goals conceded.

However, Gangwon has been winless in its last five matches (three draws and two losses), failing to make up any ground on Suwon and falling in and out of last place.

In Round 36, Gangwon and Suwon also face a tough schedule. Both are facing opponents they haven’t beaten this season.

If Suwon doesn’t lose, and Gangwon loses, the ‘last place’ spot will go to Gangwon.

Gangwon will host Daejeon Hana Citizens in the 36th round of the Final B on Nov. 11 at 2 p.m. at Daejeon World Cup Stadium.

Eighth-ranked Daejeon (47 points) is unbeaten in its last six matches (two wins and four draws) as it looks to secure its place in the top flight. They have scored nine goals and conceded six in those six games.

Gangwon have met Daejeon three times this season (one draw, two losses) and have never won. In those three games, they conceded five goals and scored just two. 무지개토토 도메인

If there’s any consolation, it’s that the Gangwon players are slightly ahead of them in terms of motivation to avoid the bottom of the table.

Suwon, which is in danger of suffering its first relegation in its history, will host 10th-ranked Suwon FC (32 points) in the Suwon Derby at 2 p.m. on Dec. 12 at Suwon Sports Complex.

Suwon faces a tough opponent in Suwon FC, who have struggled in their last two matches with one draw and one loss.

Suwon have lost three straight to Suwon FC in the ‘Suwon Derby’ on three occasions this season. They have conceded two goals in all three games and have been outplayed, scoring just two goals.

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