‘Return to his parents’ Kim Jong-un “No. 1 in career scoring? The last goal of my career as a player.”

I’m trying to learn the culture of today’s generation.”

After becoming a free agent, Kim Jong-un left Woori Bank and returned to his home, Hana One Q. In the summer of 2017, he returned 6 years after leaving Hana One Q. It was the surprise return of Choi Choi (Choi Han-byeol, Kim Han-byul), who has been playing in WKBL since the 2006 winter league.

Returning to my parents’ home after 6 years was awkward. Among the players who played together in the 2016-2017 season, which was the final season, only Shin Ji-hyun remained. The accommodation was also moved from Cheongun-dong, Seoul to Cheongna, Incheon.

At the media day on the 30th, Kim Jong-un said, “It was very difficult at first. No matter how close I was, the accommodation changed, and the only player who played when I was there was Shin Ji-hyun. There was a 14-15 year age difference, so I had a hard time adapting, but my juniors “I followed the story well and we became a lot closer,” he said.토스카지노

Kim Jong-un was born in 1987. Kim Han-byul, born in 1986, is the official WKBL oldest player, but Kim Jong-un has played longer in the WKBL. Kim Jong-un is even using social media to communicate with young players.

Kim Jong-un said, “Actually, when I first came, I missed Woori Bank a little. There are no people in their 30s at Hana One Q. At Woori Bank, the joy during difficult training was the chatting of women in their 30s. I missed that,” he said. “I haven’t mastered social media yet, but if there are any good photos from Media Day, I’ll post them,” he said with a laugh.

Top scorer four times in total. He scored 7,801 points until last season, ranking third on the all-time list. It is 62 points behind 2nd place Yeonha Byeon (BNK Some Coach) with 7863 points. The goal is to surpass Jeong Seon-min (national team coach)’s score of 8,102. Kim Jong-un’s score last season was 250 points. Based on simple numerical calculations, it ranks 2nd this season and 1st next season.

Kim Jong-un said, “It is a challenge to myself to return to my parents’ home for the last time.” He added, “My final goal as a player is to be number one in career scoring. It seemed like I would reach it a few years ago, but I was a bit far away due to injury. I want to try. However, rather than being too greedy about records. “We are not a team with a lot of leisure, so we will do what is natural. This is a goal I definitely want to achieve during my career as a player,” he emphasized.

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