Duran’s trust in Cunningham: “I know that if the ball goes to him, good results will come out.”

Thanks to Cunningham’s performance, Detroit recorded two consecutive wins.

The Detroit Pistons won 118-102 against the Chicago Bulls in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season held at Little Caesars Arena on the 29th (Korean time). With the win in today’s game, they succeeded in winning two games in a row.

The early part of the game was a close battle. Even though the players scored evenly, they were unable to control Chicago’s ace Jack Lavigne (196cm, G). He contributed 19 points to Lavin alone. However, they won a complete victory in the bench section battle in the second quarter. In particular, Allen Burks (196cm, G) scored 6 points. 8 seconds before the end of the quarter, Cade Cunningham (201cm, GF) scored to make it 57-44.

Detroit also put strong pressure on the opponent in the third quarter. But this time too, Lavigne could not be controlled. Only Lavigne allowed 20 points. Cunningham fought back with 9 points, but it wasn’t enough. However, with Jayden Ivey’s (193cm, G) buzzer-beater, Detroit finished the third quarter with an 84-77 lead.카지노사이트

The point at which the game was decided was in the fourth quarter. This time too, Lavigne was unable to control it. But Cunningham saved his teammate. In particular, he scored easily through a two-man game with Jaylen Duran (208cm, C). The score gap widened further, and Detroit won the game by protecting the remaining time.

Detroit had five players score in double figures. Among them, the player who scored the most points was Cunningham. He put up 25 points. At the same time, the play that saved his teammates was also good. He succeeded in a double-double by adding 10 assists.

Teammate Duran spoke up about this performance. Duran said in an interview with ‘ESPN’, “Me and Cunningham are a really good match. He is smart and knows how to play basketball. He saves my play. He knows that if the ball goes to him, good results will come. So he’s trying to get the ball to him.”

Meanwhile, Detroit appointed coach Monty Williams, a ‘rebuilding expert’, this off-season. At the beginning of the season, we are fully enjoying the effects. Recorded 2 wins out of 3 games. At the center of it all is Detroit’s Ace Cunningham. He is averaging 22.3 points, 8.3 rebounds and 3 rebounds per game. The key is to maintain this performance without injury.

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