The Crocsman who found UA 5X5, why was he thankful to Under Armor?

Crocs Man appeared in ‘UA 5X5’.

Croxman visited Jamsil Gymnasium where the 5v5 basketball tournament ‘UA 5X5’ hosted by sports brand Under Armor on the 28th was held. In this competition, a tournament was held between the high school, general, and women’s divisions (4 teams each) that advanced through the preliminaries to the semifinals, and an event was also prepared for the participants, attracting interest.

Croxman, the character of Quantum Skills Lab CEO Kim Hyun-joong, has been in a relationship with Under Armor since last year and has been participating in every event. On this day, they competed against other participants in the ‘Curry Challenge’ and ‘1on1 Challenge’. 

Crocs Man, born in 1981, was unable to play 5-on-5 basketball for a while due to worsening knee pain as he was well past 40. However, after undergoing surgery and rehabilitation, he regained his health and started playing basketball again, promoting basketball through various content activities in addition to lessons.온라인카지노

Croxman, with his comical and wacky charm, also heightened the interest of participants at this event. In the 1on1 challenge, they had a one-on-one match with two female participants, citing the reason that ‘matching up with men is difficult’, and each time a goal was scored, they made their opponents angry with a cheeky celebration. Afterwards, he competed against male participants and showed off his unique individual skills.

Croxman said, “In the 90s, when basketball was popular, sports brands held basketball events. However, now there are almost no basketball events held by sports brands. Under Armor is the only company that actively promotes basketball events on a consistent basis. As a basketball player, I am very grateful to Under Armor. “I hope Under Armor’s efforts are well-received by people who love basketball.”

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