‘Embarrassed by Onana’s change of mind’ Manchester United pursue reunion with De Gea… “Embarrassing U-turn plan”

Will David de Gea (33) wear a Manchester United uniform again? There is news that Manchester United is pushing for his surprise return.

Britain’s The Sun said: “Manchester United are planning a surprising attempt to bring De Gea in as a free agent three months after parting ways with him. They have made an embarrassing U-turn by asking De Gea to return on a short-term deal. “We are aiming for it,” the report said. 

De Gea ended his 12-year stay with Manchester United last July. Since being selected by Sir Ferguson in 2011 to wear the Manchester United uniform, he has played in 545 games and recorded 190 clean sheets. Both are the most in Manchester United history.

He received several championship trophies and individual awards. De Gea won the Premier League, FA Cup, and UEFA Europa League once, and the Carabao Cup twice. Personally, he has won the Premier League Golden Glove twice, the Matt Busby Player of the Year Award voted on by fans four times, and the Player of the Year Award voted on by players four times.

De Gea was also Manchester United’s last Premier League (PL) winner. He served as the starting goalkeeper in the 2012-2013 season and helped the team win the championship. Now that he has left Manchester United, there is no player who has ever lifted the Premier League trophy.

De Gea, who has already become a veteran, played a leading role last season. However, with the arrival of new coach Erik ten Haag, his chronic weakness, which was pointed out as instability in his feet, became more prominent, and his ability to save was not as good as before. In the end, Manchester United, who were considering renewing his contract, changed their minds and decided to part ways with De Gea.

De Gea, who left Manchester, said: “I would like to express my undying gratitude and respect for the love I have received over the past 12 years. We have achieved a lot since dear Sir Ferguson brought me to this club. I feel immense pride every time I put on this shirt. “I felt it,” he said, adding, “Now is the right time to start a new challenge and move on to a new environment. Manchester will always be in my heart.”

Manchester United also praised De Gea on the club’s website, saying, “De Gea announced that he will leave after 12 years at Manchester United. During that time, he has won several trophies and personal honors, establishing himself as one of the greatest goalkeepers in the club’s history.”

Coach Ten Haag said of De Gea, “545 appearances over 12 years is a special achievement, especially for a goalkeeper who is in the spotlight in every game. De Gea will always be remembered as one of the greatest goalkeepers in the club’s history.” “All players and staff wish him all the best for the next stage of his outstanding career.”

Manchester United brought in Andre Onana as a new goalkeeper to replace De Gea. Coach Ten Haag wanted him, who was with him during his time at Ajax, and succeeded in recruiting him by paying a transfer fee of 55 million euros (about 78.6 billion won) to Inter Milan. Onana became the 4th highest paid goalkeeper in history.

In addition, they added a backup goalkeeper by signing Altai Bindr for 4.3 million pounds (about 7 billion won). Considering his existing resource Tom Heaton, he has all three goalkeeper resources.

However, a variable arose when Ona Naga reversed his retirement from the Cameroon national team. He announced his retirement from the national team last year, but decided to return last September when he responded to the A-match call-up.

If this continues, it is highly likely that Onana will be selected for the Africa Cup of Nations to be held in January next year. As the tournament lasts for about a month, Manchester United will have to play up to eight games without Onana. 

Manchester United, whose plans have gone awry, plans to solve the goalkeeper shortage problem by recruiting De Gea for a short period of time. The Sun said: “Manchester United were embarrassed by Onana’s decision to overturn his international retirement. Now they are ready to ask De Gea, whom they let go in the summer, to return. He has not played for another team since leaving Old Trafford when his contract expired last summer.” He said.짱구카지노

It is still unclear whether De Gea will accept this. According to The Sun, Manchester United treated the player, who is the longest-serving goalkeeper in the club’s history and has just won the Premier League Golden Glove, ‘what appears to be unfair treatment’.

Manchester United offered De Gea 200,000 pounds (approximately 327 million won) per week, which was paid 375,000 pounds (approximately 614 million won) per week, but even this was withdrawn. Moreover, surprisingly, it was reported that he even requested that he not sign with another club until the recruitment of Onana was completed.

It would not be surprising if De Gea chose another team over Manchester United. However, unless there is another attractive offer, there is no reason for him not to return to Manchester United. Still, he left a feeling of regret as he left without a proper farewell, so this could be a good opportunity to leave a final greeting in front of his fans.

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