Will Bob Melvin eventually leave SD? Emerging as a leading candidate for SF director

It looks like Bob Melvin will eventually leave the San Diego Padres.

‘The Athletic’ quoted a source on the 23rd (Korean time) and reported that the San Francisco Giants received permission from the Padres to conduct an interview with Melvin as manager.

San Francisco is looking for a new head coach after parting ways with coach Gabe Kapler.

Melvin still has one year remaining on his managerial contract with the Padres. This is why the Giants club sought permission.

The fact that the Padres allowed Melvin to interview as manager effectively means that they accepted his intention to change jobs. The Athletic reported that Melvin has quickly emerged as a leading candidate to coach San Francisco.

Melvin’s departure to San Francisco has been a rumor that has continued to arise since Kapler stepped down. Melvin coached San Francisco’s neighboring team, the Oakland Athletics, from 2011 to 2021.

In addition, he also has experience working with the current Giants President Farhan Zaidi at the Athletics team.

He left Oakland in 2022 and took over as San Diego coach. He led the team to the postseason with 89 wins in the first year and advanced to the championship series, but was eliminated in the 2023 season with only 82 wins.

The process was more problematic than the result. It was claimed that the relationship with general manager AJ Preller had deteriorated ‘irreparably’.메이저사이트

The Padres owner reappointed both Melvin and Preller. And this time, Melvin seems to have found a way to walk out on his own feet.

San Francisco is currently looking at several candidates. Internal interviews were conducted with bench coach Kai Correa, third base coach Mark Hallberg, assistant coach Alicia Naeken, and special assistant Ron Wartus.

Naeken left her mark as the first woman in Major League history to conduct an official interview with a manager.

As for outside personnel, he interviewed with Seattle Mariners bullpen and quality control coach Steven Vogt, and reportedly showed interest in Boston Red Sox coach Jason Varitek.

In addition, an interview was offered to special assistant to Texas Rangers general manager Nick Hundley, but it was reported that he declined.

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