Something is not Roberts’ fault… ” 100 wins + 5 alphas, put an end to rumors of Dodgers dismissal? If Otani comes, ‘Shut up and win the WS’

There is one thing that is not Roberts’ fault.”

The LA Dodgers have not even stepped foot on the World Series threshold for three consecutive years since winning the 2020 World Series. In 2021, they lost in the championship series against the Atlanta Braves, and in 2022 and 2023, they collapsed in the division series against the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks. In particular, they suffered three consecutive losses to Arizona this year.메이저사이트

The issue of coach Dave Roberts’ postseason mercenary skills has inevitably reared its head. Every year around this time, there are claims that the team is unqualified for short-term match-making in terms of pitcher replacement timing, strategy, etc. Although he took office in 2016 and has had the best power in the major leagues every year, he has only won the World Series once, so it is understandable that Dodgers fans are excited.

However, in the case of this season, there is a view that there are parts where Coach Roberts can be excused. The Score looked back at the clubs eliminated from the Division Series on the 15th (Korean time) and predicted that Manager Roberts would be safe in the Dodgers section.

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