Will Messi leave the United States in 2025? Going back to my hometown team in search of romance

A claim has emerged that Lionel Messi will leave Inter Miami in 2025.

Messi, who spent his prime in Barcelona, ​​became a hot topic in 2021 by leaving Barcelona, ​​where he had played since his childhood, and transferring to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). After spending two seasons at PSG, Messi did not renew his contract with PSG, but became a free agent and headed to Miami of the U.S. Major League Soccer (MLS).레고토토

The influence of the ‘God of Football’ was enormous. Miami, which was at the bottom of the league, has been on the rise since Messi joined, and also won the cup competition for the first time since the club was founded and lifted the trophy. The mesh effect was also visible externally. Crowds of spectators flocked to almost every game to watch Messi play, and ticket prices for Miami games soared through the roof.

But it appears Messi has no intention of ending his career in the United States. There has been talk that Messi wants to return to his hometown team Newell’s Old Boys after his contract with Miami expired.

Spanish media ‘El Nacional’ said, “Messi headed to Miami instead of Barcelona, ​​but it is known that he has no intention of retiring in Miami. He is considering his next destination when his contract expires in 2025. Messi told Newell’s Old Voice “He wants to hang up his boots. Messi’s specific wish is to finish his career at Newell’s Old Boys, the first professional club he played for.”

Newwell’s Old Boys is the club that Messi played for as a child, and he first started playing football by joining this club at the age of six. He was put in the spotlight as an outstanding prospect and his talent showed. At the age of 13, Messi was scouted by Barcelona and headed to Europe. He was also a youth player, and although his stay was not long, Messi does not seem to have forgotten the New Wells Old Boys.

“Messi has always supported Newell’s Old Boys, which is why he wants to spend the final part of his career at the club,” the outlet explained.

In fact, in an interview with Argentine media ‘Olga’ at the end of last month, Messi said, “I have always wanted to enjoy soccer in Argentina. I want to play for Newell’s Old Boys. Before, I wanted to become a world champion as a member of Newell’s Old Boys. “It has been said.

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