Even if you do this well, your annual salary will only increase by 1.3 billion won… Kim Ha-seong’s fate-changing free agency season is about to open

Korean major leaguer Kim Ha-seong (28) showed upgraded skills while playing as the starting second baseman for the San Diego Padres this year.

Kim Ha-seong, who appeared in 152 games this season and had a batting average of .260, an on-base percentage of .351, a slugging percentage of .398, and an OPS of .749, with 17 home runs, 60 RBIs, and 38 stolen bases, was so effective in the entire offense that he narrowly missed out on becoming the first Asian major leaguer to achieve 20 home runs and 40 stolen bases. Increased the speed of development. In particular, he proved to be a player with one of the best stealing abilities in the league, ranking 5th in stolen bases in the National League.

Ha-Seong Kim has already been recognized as a top player in the league when it comes to defense. This year, he boasted a stable defense, recording only 7 errors while appearing in 106 games as a second baseman, 32 games as a third baseman, and 20 games as a shortstop. Based on Baseball Reference, his win contribution ratio (WAR) compared to replacement players was 5.8, ranking 7th among National League fielders. He posted higher numbers than teammates Juan Soto (5.6 WAR) and Fernando Tatis Jr. (5.5 WAR).

Recently, on the Major League Baseball official website (MLB.com), Kim Ha-seong showed remarkable growth to the extent that it was predicted that he would win the National League MVP vote.

However, Ha-seong Kim’s annual salary will only increase by $1 million (about 1.356 billion won) next year. This is because he is already bound by the contract he signed with San Diego.

Ha-seong Kim attempted to advance to the major leagues after finishing the 2020 season. As a result, he was able to fulfill his dream of becoming a major leaguer by signing a 4+1 year contract with San Diego worth up to $36 million (about 48.8 billion won).

Ha-seong Kim’s salary was conditioned to increase every year. Starting with $5 million (about KRW 6.8 billion) in 2021, it rises sequentially to $6 million (about KRW 8.1 billion) in 2022, $7 million (about KRW 9.5 billion) in 2023, and $8 million (about KRW 10.8 billion) in 2024. It’s a rescue. There is also a mutual option for an annual salary of $8 million in 2025.메이저사이트

However, as Kim Ha-seong’s value rose vertically, San Diego’s investment led to a ‘huge hit’. Ha-seong Kim’s annual salary next year is $8 million. From San Diego’s perspective, the saying ‘it doesn’t get any better than this’ fits perfectly.

Therefore, if Kim Ha-seong shows as much or better performance next year as this year, there is a high possibility that the mutual option for 2025 will be rejected. This means that he could appear on the free agent market as early as next year’s season. In order for Kim Ha-seong to be treated properly, he must wait at least a year. It is clear that next season’s performance will be a barometer.

San Diego failed to advance to the postseason despite Kim Ha-seong’s ‘stormy growth’, and Kim Ha-seong also ended the season early. Ha-seong Kim said on his Instagram on the 4th, “The 2023 season has ended. I would like to thank the fans who supported me with a lot of passion so that I could play baseball happily this season.” “I will prepare more thoroughly so that I can show a better and better image,” he pledged. His eyes are already turning to the 2024 season.

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