Between ‘badass’ and ‘genius’… When it looked like there was going to be a fight with China, he ‘ran away’ at a fast pace

The scene where Hwang Seon-hong’s side defender Park Gyu-hyun (Dinamod Dresden) ‘runs away’ at a fast pace is as talked about as the two decisive goals.

In the quarterfinals of the Hangzhou Asian Games between China and China held at the Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang, China on the 1st, Park Gyu-hyun got caught up in an argument with a Chinese player around the 21st minute of the second half when the team was ahead 2-0 thanks to consecutive goals by Hong Hyun-seok (Gent) and Song Min-gyu (Jeonbuk) in the first half.

The situation is like this. When substitute striker Pang Hao was faltering because he missed the timing to pass near the right sideline of his own half, Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) quickly ran over and initially blocked the ball. Fang Hao fell and struggled not to lose possession of the ball. Fang Hao, who recovered the ball passed by Park Kyu-hyun, tried to run toward the Korean camp. At this time, Park Gyu-hyun grabbed Fang Hao’s pants with his hands. Fang Hao, who was excited by Park Kyu-hyun’s foul, ran to Park Kyu-hyun and pushed Park’s body to his chest as an expression of protest. An imminent situation. Chinese and Korean players flocked there. The Chinese coach, who was standing in the technical area, also ran into the ground to stop Pang Hao.

It felt like something was going to happen at any moment, but the ‘physical collision’ that was feared did not occur. This is because Park Gyu-hyun was not at the ‘incident scene(?)’. Gyu-Hyeon Park gestured to the referee, saying ‘I didn’t do anything’, with both palms facing outward and placed on his chest. Then, keeping his hand where it was, he turned sharply toward the Korean camp and ran at full speed. ‘I don’t want to get caught up in a fight’ was clearly and clearly conveyed to the referee and Chinese players.

This is a scene where the cleverness of a moment of wit stands out. The person who committed the foul was Park Gyu-hyun. If you got into a fight and got into a physical conflict, in the worst case scenario, you could have received a warning. Coach Hwang Seon-hong left a warning message to the players ahead of the game against China, telling them to be careful of being sent off. A team aiming to win must minimize variables such as yellow card accumulation in the tournament.스포츠토토

Park Gyu-hyun said after the game, “I collided with my opponent, but I made that decision because I didn’t need to fight anymore. I tried to avoid the situation right away. I didn’t have anything special to talk about with the Chinese player.” Through the referee’s intervention, the two players reconciled and the situation ended neatly.

The reactions of colleagues who watched Park Gyu-hyun’s actions were similar. The response was, ‘Park Kyu-hyun did Park Kyu-hyun.’ Striker Cho Young-wook (Gimcheon) said, “It was just funny.” He called him “a bastard.” His eldest brother Park Jin-seop (Jeonbuk) said, “Kyu-hyun is the team’s mood maker. Watching him show that kind of behavior on the field every now and then, I thought, ‘Kyu-hyun is like that,’ and it was cute.” Park Gyu-hyun, a member of Ulsan Youth, went to Germany early to study and is currently playing for Dresden in Germany’s third division. Park Jin-seop smiled, saying, “He is a free-spirited player. I am having a new experience that makes me think, ‘There are friends like this in the world.'”

In Korea, only Baek Seung-ho received a warning that day. He heads out against Uzbekistan on the 4th without any warning trouble.

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