‘After Joo Hee-jung, Yang Dong-geun’, the heart of rookie Park Moo-bin, who meets the legendary guard in succession

Park Moo-bin’s first professional season is approaching. 

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus won 70-63 in a practice game against Ibaraki Robots held at the Adatoria Mito Arena in Ibaraki, Japan on the 29th. 

Rookie Park Moo-bin, who joined the team’s Japanese training camp on the afternoon of the 26th after being drafted on the 21st, also appeared in the game that day. Park Moo-bin, who made his debut in a practice game against Tokyo Z of the 3rd division on the 27th, played 22 minutes and 46 seconds in the game against Ibaraki, a 1st division team, and recorded 12 points and 3 steals. It was a game in which he showed off his good shooting skills, attempting four 3-point shots and succeeding in three.

Park Moo-bin said, “Whether it’s a 1st division team or a 3rd division team, it’s not that important to me right now. I just think the priority is to quickly adapt to the team, find what it needs, quickly understand the coaching staff, team culture, and atmosphere, and blend in. “So I didn’t worry about playing against a first-division team and tried to adapt quickly,” he said of the game.

Regarding coach Cho Dong-hyun’s instructions, “Before the game started, the coach ordered that no matter what combination we use, we should quickly make the first pass after the rebound and go out to the out number. So I tried to do that a lot, but I’m still lacking a lot. What are the strengths of the brothers? “We are in the process of understanding it little by little,” he explained.

Now, a little over a week after deciding to join the professional ranks, one of Park Moo-bin’s challenges is adjusting to the presence of foreign players, unlike in college. He will also have to become familiar with the detailed team defense of professional teams.

Park Moo-bin said, “The weight difference is big compared to college, but the main point is that there are foreign players. A completely different sense of intimidation is felt even when playing defense or attacking, so even when attacking, if in college you focused on breaking through and finishing, now you stop midway and set the tempo.” “You have to think about killing them, shooting the store, or getting them out. And since the defense is different for each team, I’m trying to quickly memorize Hyundai Mobis’ unique defensive principles and patterns,” he said.

Coach Dong-Hyeon Cho praised Park Moo-Bin after the game, saying, “He is doing well enough. This is his second practice match, but he is quick to understand and knows how to play basketball.” Coach Cho also viewed Park Moo-bin positively as a guard who can save his teammates.

Park Moo-bin said, “I would really appreciate it if the coach gave me that kind of praise. It’s still just the beginning and I have a lot of shortcomings. I’m working hard and trying to learn as much as possible, but there’s a lot to fill, and a professional player can’t just work hard; he has to do well, so he learns it quickly. “I will try my best to do that. I will grow to be able to help the team in any area and become a player that the coach can definitely use,” he pledged.

Park Moo-bin, who led Korea University’s new golden age during his college years, was a favorite student of former KBL MVP guard coach Joo Hee-jung. Park Moo-bin, who was coached by coach Joo Hee-jung throughout college, met another legend, coach Yang Dong-geun, after he turned pro. How does it feel to be taught by an MVP guard in close proximity one after another?

Park Moo-bin said, “When I was selected for Hyundai Mobis, Coach Yang Dong-geun’s presence had a similar meaning to me as choosing Korea University, where coach Joo Hee-jung was in charge. He was a great legend of the KBL, and he was versatile and had no shortcomings, so he always worked out a lot every day. “I’m trying to learn,” he said, expressing joy. 토토사이트

The presence of his Korea University classmate Kim Tae-wan and seniors Shin Min-seok and Lee Woo-seok are of great help in Park Moo-bin’s adaptation to the professional ranks.

Of course, Hyundai Mobis is a very prestigious team, has a championship mindset, and the coaching staff are all good people, but other than that, there are close friends like (Kim) Tae-wan, (Shin) Min-seok, and (Lee) Woo-seok, who were close friends in college. I was really happy when I was nominated. Playing with Taewan feels like college, and of course we have to compete because we play the same position, but I think it’s a friendly competition. Since we are one team, we will work hard to make up for the shortcomings and see that there is a clear synergy effect, so we will work hard and work together. When asked about his

goal, Park Moo-bin said that he has no desire to be Rookie of the Year and that he will try to repay the fans’ support with his skills.

Park Moo-bin said, “I have no desire to be the rookie of the year. The popularity of basketball is gradually increasing, and I will work harder to keep up with the trend and try to repay you with my skills. I would be grateful if you give Hyundai Mobis a lot of love and support.” .

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