Acting manager Ki-hoon Yeom, “Even if I become a shield, I only think about staying in Suwon… I won’t give up until the end.”

Ki-hoon Yeom, acting manager of Suwon Samsung, prepares for the remainder of the season with a strong mind.

In an interview with the club on the 27th, acting Suwon manager Ki-hoon Yeom said, “After hearing about the dismissal of manager (Kim Byeong-soo), I came to the clubhouse and was told that I should become acting manager. Whether a new coach or another acting coach comes, someone has to take charge of this team. “I only thought about the team and accepted the position as acting manager,” he said.스포츠토토

He continued, “I only thought about Suwon. I decided to just look ahead and Suwon. I am not afraid even if our results are not good this year and I become a shield. “I’m most afraid of the team going wrong,” he said. “It was a bad situation, but I thought I should try something. “I thought it would be more difficult for me if I couldn’t do anything and went into a bad situation,” he said.

Acting Director Yeom is well aware of the worries and concerns facing him. He said, “I think they are worried because I have no leadership experience. In the current situation, that doesn’t really matter. It is important to communicate with players and build trust. I can’t change that one thing. I will butt heads with the players. “I will let the players do what they are good at,” he pledged.

There are 2 regular round games and 5 final round games remaining. Relegation and retention will be decided in these 7 games and the promotion playoffs. Acting Director Yeom said, “There are 7 games left. We need support rather than criticism. We won’t give up on the remaining 7 games, so I hope the fans won’t give up either. “I completely understand the fans’ concerns, but I hope that they will worry more about the team than about me right now,” he said.

He also delivered a hopeful message to the players. Acting Director Yeom gathered the Suwon players and said, “I just want our team to think that they will remain unconditionally. No matter what the outside world says, I won’t listen. I will run with you. It may be difficult, but let’s all come together and become one. Let’s just look at one thing. “Let’s just look at that and run forward,” he encouraged.

Suwon officially announced the dismissal of coach Kim Byeong-soo on the 26th. Coach Kim Byeong-soo, who took the helm of Suwon last May as successor to coach Lee Byeong-geun, left the team with a record of 4 wins, 5 draws, and 11 losses in 20 games. Suwon accumulated 22 points and remained in 12th place. If they finish the final round in 12th place, they will be directly relegated to the second division (K League 2) next season.

He hurriedly handed the baton to playing coach Yeom Ki-hoon. Acting manager Yeom started this season as a playing coach, but has recently focused more on his role as a coach than a player. He is currently receiving P-level leader training. Acting Director Yeom replaced the captain and adjusted the roles of the coaching staff to revamp the atmosphere.

Suwon’s opponents in the last two games of the regular round are Incheon United (7th) and Pohang Steelers (2nd). The final ranking will be determined based on the results of the five final round games. Suwon, which dramatically succeeded in staying in the league last season, is trying to stay in the team again with venom.

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