Former head of the Chinese soccer association indicted on bribery charges amid high-intensity investigation

Amid intensive investigation efforts to eradicate rampant corruption and corruption in the Chinese soccer world, former Chinese Football Association Chairman Chen Xuyuan, who fell out of office in February of this year, was handed over to a formal trial on corruption charges.

State-run China Central Television (CCTV) reported on the 26th that, following an investigation by the Hubei Provincial Supervision Commission, the Huangshi City People’s Procuratorate indicted former Chairman Chen on charges of bribery and other charges.

Former Chairman Chen is accused of using his power and status as president of Shanghai International Port Group and president of the Chinese Football Association to seek profit for others and illegally receive other people’s property, and the amount of money received is particularly large, the broadcast said. .

The fact is that former Chairman Chen is being investigated by the Central Discipline Inspection Commission of the Communist Party of China, the Discipline Inspection Team of the State Administration of Sports of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the Hubei Provincial Inspection Commission on charges of serious violation of discipline and violation of the law last February. As this became known, he fell from his horse.스포츠토토

The Chinese authorities indicted former Chinese national team coach Li Tian early last month, who signaled a ‘typhoon’ targeting the soccer world by falling from a horse in November last year.

With the indictment of former Chairman Cheon following former director Lee, it is expected that the judicial process of corrupt figures who have fallen from office will speed up.

During the intensive investigation of the Chinese soccer world, Korean national soccer team player Son Jun-ho and his team’s Shandong Taishan team’s coach and players also became targets of investigation on charges of match-fixing.

Son Jun-ho was arrested on May 12 while trying to return from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport on charges of bribery of non-state agents, and has been under investigation by the Liaoning Province Chaoyang Public Security Bureau, which switched to an arrest investigation as of June 17.

While no further news has been heard about him, China’s detention and investigation is known to be possible for at least 2 months and up to 7 months, leading to speculation that the possibility of Son Jun-ho’s detention being prolonged cannot be ruled out.

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