‘Fried-Morton injury’ ATL crisis, will the best batting line ever save it?

The Atlanta Braves, who have already surpassed 100 wins and have the highest winning percentage in the major leagues this season, are in danger of having to play in the postseason with the power of their batting.

Atlanta recently sent two pitchers to the injured list. Ace Max Fried (29) and Charlie Morton (40) were placed on the injured list on the 15th.

Fried had a blister on his left index finger, and Morton had inflammation on his right index finger. In an instant, the two starting pitchers leading the mound left.

Of course, regardless of their departure, Atlanta has already won the National League Eastern Division championship, and is highly likely to achieve first place in overall winning percentage in the major leagues.

The problem is the postseason. Fried is scheduled to return to the National League Division Series (NLDS). On the other hand, Morton is unlikely to be able to participate in the NLDS.

Also, there is no guarantee whether Freed will be able to pitch perfectly even if he stands on the mound in the NLDS. Atlanta, which had an all-time great season, is facing a major crisis.메이저사이트

As a result, Atlanta has to place its hopes on Spencer Strider, who has been showing great form throughout this season.

Of course, the batting line is healthy. Ronald Acuña Jr., who is likely to win the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, is alive and well, and Matt Olson, who set a new team home run record in a single season, is also strong with the bat.

Atlanta’s batting lineup is so good that it ranks among the highest in most indicators in the major leagues this season, including batting average, home runs, on-base percentage, and OPS.

However, if the starting mound collapses early, there is a high possibility that this batting lineup will not be able to do its job. There is also an old saying in baseball that says not to trust the batting lineup in a short game.

Attention is being paid to whether the Atlanta batting line, which is showing unprecedented explosive power, will save Atlanta, which is in crisis due to the sudden departure of Fried and Morton.

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