t’s not an ordinary buyback.” Hopes for Kane+SON’s reunion change in just one day… It’s hard as long as Levy is there.

It is unlikely that Harry Kane (Bayern Munich) and Son Heung-min will reunite.

A claim has been made that directly contradicts Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy’s ‘bomb remark’. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 21st (Korean time), ‘Contrary to President Levy’s remarks, there is no direct buyback clause that would allow Tottenham to immediately re-sign Kane.’

Chairman Levy attended Tottenham’s fan forum on the 20th and revealed that he holds the right to buy back Kane. Kane, who was a Tottenham one-club man, moved to Germany’s prestigious Bayern Munich for a transfer fee of 104 million pounds (about 171.5 billion won) in the last summer transfer market.

‘Daily Mail’ said, ‘According to sources, this clause is an option that Tottenham can negotiate first if Kane returns to the Premier League. He argued, “There is no fixed buyback amount, so Tottenham must negotiate a transfer fee with Bayern Munich.”

After Chairman Levy’s remarks, both Tottenham and Kane’s side are keeping quiet about the details. However, ‘Daily Mail’ emphasized that ‘As long as Chairman Levy is at Tottenham, it is unlikely that Kane will return.’

There is a reason. Kane had a confrontation with Chairman Levy over the transfer. Two summers ago, he came close to moving to Manchester City, but it was canceled due to Chairman Levy’s opposition.

There were twists and turns this summer too. But Chairman Levy had no choice. Kane, whose contract with Tottenham ends in June next year, could be transferred ‘for free’ if he held out for one more year.

After Chairman Levy offered at least 100 million pounds, the transfer with Bayern Munich was completed. However, during the final negotiation process, resentment remained, including the delay in going to Germany and Kane being banned from Tottenham’s training ground. There was also an analysis that Kane and Chairman Levy had crossed a bridge of no return.스포츠토토

Kane is Tottenham’s living history. He played in 435 games and scored 280 goals, holding the record for the most goals for Tottenham. Kane scored 5 goals in 6 games after moving to Bayern Munich. He chose to transfer to win the championship.

The door to returning to the English Premier League (EPL) is open. Kane scored 213 EPL goals last season, surpassing Wayne Rooney (208 goals) and rising to second place.

Above him is only Shearer, who has scored 260 goals. If he scores 48 more goals, a new history will be created. Kane also has the most goals in mind.

However, the Daily Mail claims that his return team may not be Tottenham.

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