‘Conte you are wrong!’ Tottenham, three players who performed poorly last season but revived under Postekoglu

 Most of the players who were unable to establish themselves under Antonio Conte are making a comeback after coach Enze Postecoglou took office.

After Coach Conte took charge in November 2021, Tottenham ranked fourth in the league and qualified for the UEFA Champions League. Tottenham signed several players in the 2022 summer transfer window to support Conte. Richarlison, Yves Bissouma, Ivan Perisic, and Destiny Udozi joined Tottenham. In the winter, Pedro Foro and others joined Tottenham.

Last season’s performance was dismal. Tottenham’s expectations of improved performance under Coach Conte were completely dashed. Tottenham, whose defense collapsed, conceded 63 goals, the 6th most goals conceded in the league, and remained in 8th place in the league. They were eliminated by AC Milan in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. They also failed to lift the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup.

Manager Conte parted ways with Tottenham in the worst possible way. After the 3-3 draw with Southampton in March, manager Conte strongly criticized his players. He said: “I think now is the right time to speak out because I cannot condone play like today. I see selfish players. “I see 11 players playing only for themselves,” he said. After this remark, Conte parted ways with Tottenham.

Coach Postecoglou took over as coach following Conte. When the news broke that Tottenham had selected manager Postekoglou, there were many question marks. Although he had achievements with the Australian national team and Celtic, he was not a proven figure in the big leagues. With the departure of ace Harry Kane, concerns grew.

Coach Postekoglou dispelled all concerns raised about him. Tottenham is currently undefeated in the EPL with 4 wins and 1 draw in 5 games. In the recently held game against Sheffield United, they scored two goals in extra time in the second half and won 2-1. The ‘winning mentality’ that had not been present in Tottenham so far has been awakened.

The most encouraging thing is that players who underperformed under Conte rebounded under Postekoglu. A representative example is Eve Bissouma. Bissouma, who wore a Tottenham uniform last season, failed to blend in with Conte’s tactics, but he became a key midfielder in Postekoglou’s Tottenham. Bissouma started all five EPL games and became the commander of Tottenham’s midfield.

The same goes for Udoji, a promising Italian wingback. He moved to Tottenham from Udinese Calcio last summer, but was immediately loaned to Udinese as there were many competitors in the same position. Manager Conte preferred Ivan Perisic and Ryan Sessegnon instead of Udozi. Udozi returned after gaining experience at Udinese and became Tottenham’s starting left-back. In the second leg, he also provided an assist on Madison’s goal.온라인바카라

The last one is a prisoner. Under Coach Conte, Foro’s offensive ability stood out, but his defense was disappointing. Not under Postekoglu’s regime. Poro transformed into a fullback with a balanced offense and defense. Son Heung-min’s third goal against Burnley was possible thanks to Foro’s through pass. Foro has one assist in four games this season.

Coach Conte said in his last press conference, “If Tottenham wants to change, not only the club, manager and staff, but also the players must take responsibility. If you want to keep going like this, try changing the manager. But the situation will not change,” he said. After the change of leadership from Conte to Postekoglou, Tottenham regained its offensive color and became a completely different team. The changed performance of the players proves this.

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