A middle school student scores 56 points in an official competition?’ Jeonju Boys’ Middle School’s point forward, Kim Jun-hwan

Kim Jun-hwan (16, 183cm) of Jeonju Boys’ Middle School is aiming for the grand prize.

Jeonju Boys’ Middle School won 78-67 over Gyeseong Middle School at the 53rd Fall National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Federation Tournament held in the gymnasium of Haenam Technical High School in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do on the 16th.

It was an offensive battle between the two teams that did not back down even an inch until the third quarter. The player who decided the game was Kim Jun-hwan, who showed off his strength by scoring 56 points in the previous game. Kim Jun-hwan’s 56 points were the highest score among all competitions in the 53rd Fall Federation Games held until the 16th.

Kim Jun-hwan played 39 minutes and 5 seconds on this day and led the team to victory with 27 points, 15 rebounds, 6 assists and 5 steals.

Kim Jun-hwan hasn’t been flying around like this since the first game of the preliminary round. He only scored 12 points and 4 rebounds in the game against Whimoon Middle School held on the 12th. It’s certainly a ridiculously low number compared to the 41.5 points he averaged in his last two games. What kind of turning point occurred after the first game?

In response, Kim Jun-hwan said, “The coach came to Haenam and actively ordered inside play. But it was disappointing that he did not perform well. “I think the fact that we paid special attention to that aspect and tried to implement it from the next game onwards led to a high score,” he said.

Kim Jun-hwan is 183cm tall and his position is forward. When considering team composition, he often plays as a power forward or center. However, Kim Jun-hwan’s play in the preliminaries showed that he was an all-rounder who could play from point guard to center.

He swept the court with his smooth ball handling, natural passing sense, and even outside shooting. In the game against Gyeseongjung, he even showed off a coast-to-coast play after a rebound. Since physical strength and power are added to this, blocking is not an easy task.

Kim Jun-hwan also strongly agreed with this opinion. He said, “I think so too. He said, “Because he is bigger and has more experience than other players, his basketball play seems to be coming out more and more cleanly.”

Thanks to Kim Jun-hwan’s great performance, Jeonju Nam Middle School was able to win against Gyeseong Middle School. However, it was Kim Jun-hwan who provided the excuse for the chase during the warning. He committed a free throw in the game-winning position, and in the subsequent attack, he missed all of his free throws, creating a dizzying scene.온라인바카라

Regarding the situation at the time, Kim Jun-hwan said, “During the match against Daebu Jung, he exhausted a lot of his stamina. It was difficult (laughter). “In fact, I think my practice was lacking,” he said, looking back on his play.

It was a mistake that could have cost him victory, but the Jeonju Boys’ Middle School bench embraced him and gave him confidence.

Kim Jun-hwan said, “Coach also told me to focus on playing because it was okay. “Thanks to you, I wasn’t shaken,” he said.

Kim Jun-hwan is 16 years old this year, but it has already been 8 years since he started playing basketball. He has been involved with basketball for half of his life. It is said that his father had a great influence on him being able to fall in love with basketball and develop further.

Kim Jun-hwan said, “I was greatly influenced by my father, who played basketball at Songdo High School. He also practices a lot of moving shots at night with his father, and thanks to that, he seems to be maintaining a good sense of shooting in practice. However, we are weak in defense against fast players like shooters, so we need to make sure we can quickly improve this as well,” he said.

Jeonju South Middle School, which passed the preliminaries with 2 wins and 1 loss, will face Bae Jae Middle School in the finals on the 18th. Kim Jun-hwan, who was aiming to win, was also determined.

Lastly, Kim Jun-hwan said, “The goal is for the team to win. And he ended the interview by saying, “Personally, I am aiming for the grand prize and the scoring award.”

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