Hottest K-Leader’ Director Lee Jeong-hyo, “I will probably be ignored. Still, I have a ‘big dream’ as a leader.”

I met Gwangju FC (hereafter Gwangju) coach Lee Jeong-hyo.

Coach Lee is the ‘hottest K-leader’ in K League 1. It seems like everyone has forgotten, but the club led by Coach Lee is actually a ‘promoted team’. He led the team to climb to 3rd place in K League 1. No one knows what will happen in the remaining period. Gwangju is undefeated in 9 games and their performance is at its peak. And there is still quite a bit of season left.온라인카지노

The reason why this director is receiving attention is not simply because of the results. The footprints he left on the path he walked. So, ‘process.’ The process attracted public attention. To summarize the process in two terms, they are ‘tactics’ and ‘speech skills.’ The network of carefully crafted strategies and the bold speaking style shown in front of the media aroused cheers from the public. In the Korean soccer scene, he was a ‘character that never existed before’. This is why the nickname K-Mourinho continues to stick with him.

I talked with Coach Lee about soccer and life for about an hour. Some of them were released as videos on the YouTube channel ‘Haebangchon Soccer Company’. Here, more stories that were not included were included. Some photos in the article were taken from the B-cut of the interview with director Lee Jeong-hyo, Lee Sun-min, and Doo Hyun-seok that will be published in the October 2023 issue of <Best Eleven>.

b11: How do you usually spend your time during your free time? I’m curious about your weekly routine.

“Recently, I went to Changnyeong and saw the youth players of Kumho High School. I immediately went to Taebaek and checked on the youth players of Dankook University. (Is that a break?) I couldn’t sleep and went to Changnyeong with the intention of going to cool off. But then again. “I was having a hard time thinking about it, so I saw that there was a Dankook University game in Taebaek. It was healing in its own way.”

“Normally, when I say I’m preparing for a game, if it’s a Sunday game, I start preparing on Tuesday. I’m obsessed with soccer all week, and the night before the game is the most restful night. I sleep well. On the day of the game, I’m comfortable. Except for the two hours before the game. I have a day off. On those days, I tend to just sleep all day. Then, starting on Tuesday, I get immersed in my team and the opponent again. On Tuesday, I review the previous game, and on Wednesday, I analyze the opposing team. From Wednesday, I start tactical training. I film this again. Then, “That evening, we review the areas that need to be corrected and make another video for the meeting. On Thursday, we train and correct the areas that we didn’t like. Around Friday, we briefly explain what we analyzed and improved and prepare for the game.”

b11: No matter how you look at it, you seem like a workaholic.

“I heard that for the first time this year. Commentator Lee Sang-yoon said it. I think so. However, it’s not like that when I’m home with my daughter.”

b11: Can I also ask you about your family?

“My daughter is in the 3rd year of middle school, and my son went to college. My son is a college student, so he lives and goes to school on his own. He is doing Korean dance. My daughter is going to start shooting. I heard she suddenly wants to shoot? Our family is very interested in soccer. There is no. That’s why it’s more comfortable. I don’t say things like “Did I lose or win?” I was upset at first, but I feel comfortable because I don’t know. When I go home, I can completely miss soccer. My daughter has followed me a lot since she was little. The code is That’s right, we go on a lot of trips just the two of us. When I talk about this, other fathers get very jealous. My daughter is over 175cm tall. So I feel burdened and tell her to leave, but she keeps tagging along with me. But I really like it. It’s also a hobby.”

b11: I can feel that you love your daughter. What if there is a Gwangju player who would give permission when my daughter gets married?

“There is one person. (Really there is one?) As of now, there is only one person, Jeong Ho-yeon. If you look at her life, her sense of purpose is clear. And she is sincere. I really like Ho-yeon’s thinking and personality. She has a good future as well. Money I think I’ll make a lot (laughter). I think I’ll make at least 10 billion won or more. I think I’ll make that much.”

b11: My hometown is Gunsan, I stayed in Busan as a player, and in Gwangju as a coach. What city do you have the best memories of?

“It’s Busan. I started my career as a player in Busan. I went through all the hardships there and got married. My children were born in Busan, and I finished my career as a player in Busan. I also live in Busan now. Gwangju is still in my heart. “It’s a long way off. It’s been over 13 years since we were founded, but the environment hasn’t changed yet.”

b11: What would you have been doing if you hadn’t played soccer?

“When I was in college, I suddenly thought about that. ‘If I had studied with this much passion, wouldn’t I have gone to Harvard (laughs)?’ I thought I should not become a civil servant. I thought that if I became a civil servant, it would be difficult for many people due to lack of flexibility. For example, I hated it when my juniors deviated. They had to go straight, but if they went even a little sideways, I tried to catch them. However, I learned to be flexible while playing soccer. “I’ve improved a lot. My personality has changed.”

b11: I’m curious about how you usually take care of your body.

“When I wake up in the morning, I start with the treadmill. I set my alarm at 6:30 and get up. I run for exactly 65 minutes. I automatically cool down for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, I turn on the TV and watch the game at a wide angle. Then I run for 1 hour. It goes by quickly. There are times when I look at it and get angry, saying, ‘Ew, why are you like that?’ After I finish like this, I do strength training for about 20 minutes, take a shower, and finish like that. When I went to the hospital, the doctor advised me to lose weight. From then on. I tend to diet 365 days a year to control my body. (Am I prone to gaining weight?) I think that’s why I don’t drink much.

b11: Why do you wear a suit at the stadium?

“I also have to be polite to the players. When the players go out and fight like that, I think it’s better to wear minimal clothing rather than comfortable clothes. I think this helps build confidence. You can see that they wear it to show courtesy to the players. Yes, I am purchasing suits one by one after being supervised, and I think I have about 10 suits now.”

b11: I wonder who the most unique(?) player in Gwangju is.

“This is Hee-gyun Lee. He’s so brave (laughter). I know what kind of player Hee-gyun is, but he has a strong accent so I’m often surprised. This happened not long ago. We met in the morning and I asked him, ‘Did you have a good vacation?’ . Most people, when asked this, say ‘Yes~’ and say various things. But Hee-gyun says, ‘Why are you asking that?’ “He said, ‘I asked for no reason…’ Hee-kyun is a bit like this (laughs).”

b11: There are a lot of rumors that you are very close with commentator Ahn Jung-hwan. However, there is also a story that he wanted to fail when he was a player (?).

“When I was going to school, because Junghwan was there, I was only second-in-command. But when they tried to go to the pros together, I got annoyed (laughter). There was a time when I said I wouldn’t go to the pros with him because I really wanted to lose. I’m really close to Jeonghwan. But I also couldn’t lose. You don’t like it. Jung-hwan was so good, I hated it and wanted to fail (laughter). I remember when I was a freshman at Ajou University. There were 14 of us. We played a mini game when we first saw it, but I didn’t really know who Ahn Jung-hwan was. At that time, the media “Because it was a newspaper, I didn’t really read it. Then, a really handsome guy who looked like a gisaeng brother came and suddenly asked, ‘Are you Jeonghyo?’ From then on, I became close friends with Jeonghwan right away.”

“At that time, I was playing a mini game and I knew right away after only 5 minutes. I was watching Jeonghwan touch the ball and make turns, and I couldn’t follow him. ‘Oh, that’s not going to work.’ It felt comfortable to admit it. I really liked the skills that Jeonghwan had. From then on, I think I played soccer for the second time anyway. In the past, when Jeonghwan got married, I lost the game. Now, whenever I meet Jeonghwan, I often play golf. Yes. And then we call each other to say hello and encourage each other? I think this distance is just right. It wouldn’t be good if we met too often. In fact, I told Jeong-hwan not to be the leader. Still, if Jeong-hwan comes as a director, we can do it once. “I want to stick to it. I have to step on it very cruelly. Very harshly (laughter)”

b11: I think athlete Lee Jeong-hyo has a lesser-known sensitivity.

“Player Lee Jeong-hyo is 2% lacking in playing the game? Even though he is not outstanding, he is necessary for the team. I think that was the extent of it. I have some regrets. I think I would have improved a little if I had learned a little more in detail. Now, as I try to nurture the players, I “I think that’s the way it is. I want to inform the players as much as possible.”

b11: I think the thirst you had as a player led you to become a coach.

“When I was a player, I thought about being a good leader. Rather than thinking about tactics, I thought about becoming a leader who can bring out the players’ potential. But now, it’s the opposite of what I thought back then. Now, I want to be a capable leader rather than a good leader. Even if you eat a lot, let’s become a competent leader rather than a good leader. I often say this to the players. You can’t be satisfied with where you are, then you won’t be able to go any higher, and I want to make your dreams bigger. These days, the players are saying things like this. “I can see my dreams growing bigger. Even though I sometimes talk too much on the field, I can still see the players having fun.”

b11: I’m also curious about the story of the analysis coach who is said to be full of passion.

“When I work, there is no distinction between soccer people and non-football people. The analysis coach is crazy about soccer. When we talk, sometimes I lose. So I try to watch more. I can’t lose. Sometimes it happens again. ‘Coach. ‘You haven’t seen this, have you?’ I’m thinking of excuses, but he says it’s natural for a director, ‘He’s a director.’ A lot is implied in this one word. I don’t think I would bleed even if I were pricked with a needle. After the meeting, it’s like the analysis coach is evaluating me. . But that doesn’t make me feel bad. Thanks to that, I’m nervous. I curse inside sometimes. I’ll probably be an analysis coach as well (laughs).”

b11: After listening to the players, it seems like the team also watches a lot of videos from overseas clubs.

“I wanted to play soccer since last year, but it was hard to find in Korea. So I used to watch Manchester City, Arsenal, and Brighton & Hove Albion. I have a lot to learn. Enze, who went from Yokohama F. Marinos to Celtic and then to Tottenham Hotspur (hereinafter referred to as Tottenham) I also watch Coach Postekoglou’s games. If there’s anything I can learn, I watch it. From there, I take out something that can be applied to our team. I also watched the recent Tottenham-Manchester United game. Tottenham football has changed dramatically since Coach Antonio Conte was there. I want to make it clear. There is a philosophy. The difference is that you start with build-up and work it out instead of kicking. This time, I went to the match between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City and watched it from the 3rd floor.”

b11: I have a social media account, but I don’t think I really use it these days.

“I don’t do it at all after coaching. Actually, I don’t meet people very often. I don’t think I’m the type to make relationships. If you look at my daily call history, the number of people I call is 3 or 4? I like to be alone. Our players also receive support from the club. “If you do that, I’d like to let you share a room per person on the expedition. I can think a lot when I’m alone.”

b11: Do you tend to yell a lot when training with players?

“It’s the same for Korean players as well as foreign players. If you don’t like it, they tell you to leave. They even use hexadecimal letters. And if you fall, you have to get up quickly. That’s what I think Korean soccer still has a long way to go. If you look at Europe, they really give up. Go out and create chances. If the opponent catches you and stops you, you have gone over as they intended. You have to shake this off and go out and connect with speed. You can’t keep falling and trying to get fouls.”

b11: I think there will be a lot of concern about Gwangju’s infrastructure.

“A lot of fans are coming. But will this just end this year? That’s not right. It has to continue to increase. Ultimately, the club has to improve. Soccer is improving, but it’s difficult if the infrastructure isn’t in place. But it’s still difficult. Nothing has changed so far. Only the crowds are increasing, and only a lot of uniforms are being sold. Lately, I’ve been wondering how on earth we can get our players to move forward. Some people will probably hate me if I say this. I don’t care anyway. I don’t care about what other people think. If my players and I get good results, fight well, and the fans are happy, that’s fine with me. When it comes to infrastructure, others have to do the same. What I’m saying is, ‘Please do as much as you can.’ I will.”

b11: You spoke of ‘big dreams’ at Media Day earlier this year.

“Looking at the K-League, there is no one who has won both K-League 1 and 2. So I want to challenge myself in that area. After winning K-League 1, I want to go outside of Korea. I have that dream. (Studying foreign languages) (Are you also doing it?) I’m doing it whenever I can. There’s Teemo on our team, and I started this because I wanted to beat him verbally (laughter). The interpreters were having a hard time in the middle. I have a unique way of thinking, and Timo’s way of thinking is too. He’s just as unique as me. So, I’m going to have a one-on-one conversation with Timo first (laughter). I don’t know what the future holds. I wasn’t good enough as a player, but I have big dreams as a leader. I’m sure he’ll be ignored a lot at first. . So steps are needed. First, there is a lot of work to be done in Korea.”

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