Ha-seong Kim, the meaning of conquering 30 stolen bases… It is possible to challenge the 30-30 club next year

Kim Ha-seong, who conquered 30 stolen bases, will he be able to challenge 30-30 next year?

Kim Ha-seong of the U.S. Major League Baseball San Diego Padres. If next season becomes more scary, how far can he go?

Ha-seong Kim has established himself as San Diego’s unrivaled top hitter this season. I felt completely confident. And he wrote new history as a Korean major leaguer. He broke the 30 steal mark. Ha-seong Kim maintained his 5th place in the National League in stolen bases by increasing the number of stolen bases in the season to 31.온라인카지노

Regardless of the league, 30 stolen bases can be said to be a symbol of quality. Ha-Seong Kim is quick on his feet and has good baseball sense, so he is expected to be able to maintain his record for several years before he gets older. Isn’t there a saying that his feet have no ups and downs?

First of all, I think I will have to be satisfied with joining the 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases club this season. Ha-seong Kim started hitting home runs in the last half of the first half of the season as the number one hitter. He immediately increased the number of home runs for the season to 17. Although his home run pace has slowed down a bit recently, he is expected to easily reach 20 home runs.

So let’s make an assumption. Ha-Seong Kim began to increase his batting pace in earnest from the middle of the season. Until then, only half of the spotlight was on defense.

But now the situation is completely different. Unless Kim Ha-seong suddenly moves to another team, there is a very high possibility that he will take on the number 1 role next season as well, unless he has a special leadoff player. In San Diego, his status within the team is already comparable to that of the starting stars.

In other words, this means that Ha-Seong Kim can prepare for the season in a more mentally comfortable state from spring camp, shake off the burden of competing for the starting spot, and swing comfortably from the opening. This means that it is not unreasonable to expect 30 home runs from Kim Ha-seong, who is now entering his prime both in terms of skill and age.

Ha-Seong Kim is not a typical slugger, but his swing speed is very fast. Even though he looks slim, the power that comes from his muscular body is good. As he gains experience in the major leagues, gets to know his opponents better, and targets more, hitting 30 home runs is not an impossible task.

Having new goals like 20-20 this year and 30-30 next year can be a huge motivator for players. It is natural for ransom prices to rise.

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