‘Fingernail? Wingson? ‘Central Son?’ Klinsmann’s choice to utilize Son Heung-min at his peak was

The key is ‘Son Heung-min shift’.

The Korea A national team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will play a friendly match against Wales at 3:45 a.m. on the 8th (Korean time) at the Catif City Stadium in Wales, England. On the 3rd and 4th, coach Cha Du-ri and other K-League players went to the decisive battle, and on the 5th, coach Klinsmann and overseas players who finished the game last weekend joined, and the national team finally became a complete team.

This is the first European away evaluation match in 5 years and 6 months since March 2013. This is a very important game for Coach Klinsmann. Coach Klinsmann faced Colombia (2-2 draws) and Uruguay (1-2 losses) in March and Peru (0-1 losses) and El Salvador (1-1 draws) in June, but recorded 2 draws and 2 losses. Among all foreign coaches in history, Coach Klinsmann is the only one who failed to report a win in four games. A first win is desperately needed to put to rest the controversy that has persisted until recently, such as frequent outings, insistence on playing in Europe, and neglecting K-League players.온라인카지노

The European players, the core of the national team, performed their best last weekend. Hee-chan Hwang (Wolverhampton) scored his second goal of the season, and Hyun-seok Hong (Gent) scored multiple goals. Gyu-Seong Cho (Midtjylland) also contributed his first assist since advancing to Denmark. Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic) returned from injury, and ‘Monster’ Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich) also played his first full-time appearance since his Bundesliga debut. Above all, ‘Captain’ Son Heung-min (Tottenham) was in full swing. Son Heung-min scored a hat trick against Burnley on the 3rd. He scored the season’s biggest goal with a hat trick. They had the best weekend by being named to the ‘Team of the Week’ selected by the British BBC and the English Premier League (EPL) Secretariat respectively.

Coach Klinsmann’s outstanding performance against Burnley gave him happy thoughts. Son Heung-min played as left wing, his ‘main position’, in the previous three games this season. He appeared to be struggling a bit with his changed role in the opening match against Brentford, but soon showed good form by transforming into a ‘facilitator’ by recording four key passes, the most in the team, in games against Manchester United and Bournemouth respectively. The only thing that was disappointing was the attack point. However, he achieved a hat-trick as a front-line striker against Burnley. Tottenham coach Anger Postekoglou said, “One of the reasons we did not bring in another replacement after Harry Kane’s transfer was Son Heung-min. He can play in any system. Son Heung-min is the most ideal player in our system.” He implied that he could continue to be used as a front-line striker in the future.

With Son Heung-min’s outstanding performance not only on the wings but also in the center, the national team has a variety of options at hand. Although he was unable to use Son Heung-min properly in the international match last June due to an injury, Coach Klinsmann had great fun using Son Heung-min as a shadow striker in the first international match in March after taking office. At that time, Son Heung-min scored two goals against Colombia. There was a lot of evaluation that Son Heung-min, who showed a somewhat disappointing performance in the national team compared to Tottenham, exploded his attacking instinct for the first time in a long time.

Now, three cards were placed in front of Coach Klinsmann: ‘Nail, Wing Son, and Central Son.’ ‘Nail’ is the option that can best maximize Son Heung-min’s scoring ability. There is also the advantage of being able to utilize second-line resources to the fullest, which can be considered an advantage of the national team. However, in the case of nails, there is a regret that three strikers Jawon, including Hwang Ui-jo (Norwich City), Cho Kyu-seong, and Oh Hyun-gyu, have to sit on the bench. ‘Wingson’ is the easiest choice. It is a position that Son Heung-min is familiar with, and there is also the advantage of being able to increase control of the side now that the fullback is weak. However, the role of Hwang Hee-chan, who is showing better performance on the left, has become ambiguous, and it is difficult for Son Heung-min to demonstrate 100% of his scoring ability.

At present, it seems most likely to use ‘Central Son’. ‘Central hand’ is between ‘fingernail’ and ‘wing hand’. While maximizing Son Heung-min’s movement and attack power, frontline resources can also be utilized. Hwang Hee-chan can also play on the left. Lee Kang-in (PSG) was omitted from the list this time due to injury. There is a need to utilize Son Heung-min’s creativity more. Coach Klinsmann also expressed satisfaction with ‘Central Son’ after the A match last March.

What choice will Director Klinsmann make this time? Whatever the choice, it is no exaggeration to say that Son Heung-min holds the key to the first win. Son Heung-min is in peak condition right now.

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