About 40 days after injury… ‘Monster pitcher’ Sasaki’s 4th bullpen pitch, likely to play in the 1st team immediately without appearing in the 2nd team

Injury recovery is also top notch.

Chiba Lotte Marines’ ‘monster pitcher’ Loki Sasaki (22) is expected to return to the first team soon. Chiba Lotte coach Masato Yoshii said on the 4th, “I think I can throw it in a real game.” He said he would decide after looking at the future situation, but he seems to be going one step further than before.카지노사이트

Sasaki set up a batter on the 3rd and threw about 30 bullpen pitches. He threw the ball in the fourth after coming off power due to a torn right side muscle.

He recovered quickly and is on the process of returning. He started playing catch late last month and pitched his first bullpen game on August 29 with the catcher sitting.

Coach Yoshii previously said that once normal pitching becomes possible, he may be put directly into first-team games. He said, “It doesn’t matter whether the return pitch is in the first or second team.” Japanese media reported that there is a possibility that Sasaki will play in the first team without appearing in the second team. It looks like he could suddenly play this weekend or next.

Coach Yoshii is a pitcher with a total of 121 wins in the U.S. and Japan. WBC (World Baseball Classic) Japan National Team

He contributed to the championship as a pitching coach.

Sasaki started the All-Star Game on July 19 and pitched one inning. He finished first as a starting pitcher in the All-Star Game fan vote. He appeared against the Softbank Hawks five days later on July 24, and was replaced after throwing 93 pitches until the sixth inning.

The Chiba Lotte club announced on July 25 that his left side muscle was torn. They said it would take two months for him to return. During the competition with Orix for first place, Ace left the team.

In 13 games this season, Sasaki recorded 7 wins and 2 losses, an ERA of 1.48, 130 strikeouts, and a winning percentage of .778. He was first in earned run average, strikeouts, and winning percentage. He threw at 165 kilometers per hour, the highest velocity for a Japanese pitcher this season, following Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels).

As of the 4th, Chiba Lotte is in second place, 10.5 games behind Orix. With 27 games remaining, they are three games ahead of the third-place Softbank Hawks. If Sasaki joins, there could be a spurt at the end of the season. in the postseason

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