The shortest person at 180cm’ makes the Olympic team… Gimcheon GK Shin Song-hoon dreams of becoming ‘Korea’s David Raya

Someone who broke the mold has appeared in the K-League goalkeeper position, which was considered the exclusive domain of tall players. The main character is Shin Song-hoon, who recently became the under-22 (U-22) representative for K League 2 Gimcheon Sangmu.

His height is 180cm, which is not too tall to play soccer in any other position. However, he became a big handicap by choosing goalkeeper. He is the shortest among the K-League goalkeepers, with close to 100 players in the 1st and 2nd divisions combined. Recently, in the K-League, a goalkeeper with a height of 185cm is considered short. Jeong Hyeon-ho, a 19-year-old goalkeeper from Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, is 201cm tall and is the only player in the K-League to exceed 2m.

In particular, since the Korean soccer style requires a certain degree of post-play, there are many doubts about whether a short goalkeeper can properly respond to aerial ball competitions. However, Shin Song-hoon overcomes such prejudice and silently sweats on his professional stage.

Shin Song-hoon, who made his professional debut by joining Gwangju FC last year after playing at Gwangju FC U-15 (Gwangdeok Middle School) and U-18 (Geumho High School), chose to resolve the military issue early on and has been playing for Gimcheon Sangmu since this year. Kang Hyun-moo, who played 161 K-League 1 games for the Gimcheon and Pohang Steelers clubs, Kim Jun-hong, who contributed to the Korean soccer semifinals at the U-20 World Cup last June and helped Klinsmann board the A-match this month, and Moon Gyeong-gun, a goalkeeper from the Japanese J-League. There are many gatekeepers who can play as starting players for any team.

However, this season, Shin Song-hoon has played in the most games in Gimcheon and is gaining the trust of the coaching staff, including acting manager Seong Han-soo and manager Jeong Jeong-yong. Although there were variables such as Kim Jun-hong’s selection for the U-20 Asian Cup and World Cup, Shin Song-hoon is playing the most, playing in 14 games, exactly half of the 28 K League 2 games played by Gimcheon this year. Kim Jun-hong follows with 6 games, Kang Hyun-moo with 5 games, and Moon Gyeong-geon with 3 games, following Shin Song-hoon.

Based on these performances, Shin Song-hoon was selected to the U-23 national team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong and is scheduled to participate in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Asian Cup qualifiers to be held in Changwon from the 6th to the 12th.

Shin Song-hoon’s motivation to start playing soccer and becoming a goalkeeper came to him by chance when he was very young. When he was in kindergarten, he participated in a soccer competition as a goalkeeper, and when he won, he felt attracted to that position and began his career as a goalkeeper in earnest.

However, competition with tall goalkeepers who were around 190cm was inevitable, and Shin Song-hoon put a lot of effort into turning that handicap into an advantage. Although he is short, there was an opportunity to build a resilient body, so he took advantage of it.

Shin Song-hoon said, “I prepared for the opponent’s shooting by choosing a good position, and handled the aerial ball with quick judgment and bold movements.” He added, “I personally focused on power exercises and jumping training to overcome the loss of height. “I tried,” he said. K-League officials also agree that what they like about Shin Song-hoon is his good jumping and quickness, which is an advantage that tall goalkeepers do not have.온라인카지노

Overseas, there are quite a few goalkeepers who are already very popular despite their short stature thanks to their magical saves. Jorge Campos, who is 170 cm tall, is short even for an average person, but with excellent reflexes and brilliant play, was the starting goalkeeper for the Mexican national team at the 1998 World Cup in France; Guillermo Ochoa, who is still active in the Mexican national team, blocking opponent attacks with his nimble movements despite being 185 cm tall etc. are representative examples.

Shin Song-hoon also refers to these world-class goalkeepers and closely observes the movements of the K-League’s short goalkeepers, using them as nourishment for his own growth. He said, “Recently, I am referring to David Raya (183cm), the Spanish national team player who played well at Brentford in the Premier League and transferred to Arsenal this summer.” He added, “In Korea, I observe small goalkeepers such as Seongnam Kim Young-kwang and Seoul E-Land Yoon Bo-sang (183cm). “He said.

After overcoming numerous difficulties, he has become a goalkeeper who is now little by little recognized on the professional stage. In addition, he was selected to the national team for his age group and dreamed of participating in the Paris Olympics next year.

The upgrade of Shin Song-hoon, who dreams of becoming ‘Korea’s Ochoa’ and ‘Korea’s David Raya’, is still in progress. 

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