The sketch you had in mind for ‘SON Top’? Manho Klins ‘injury + zero participation’ 3 strikers selected adventure number

 Unlike other positions where new faces were noticed, the front three strikers remain the same. It is the national soccer team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany).

‘Klins Manho’, who has not won in 4 games (2 draws and 2 losses) since its launch, digests 2 consecutive A-matches in Europe in September. On September 8th at 3:45 am (Korean time) at Cardiff City Stadium in Wales, they clash with Wales and then move to England, and on the 13th at 1:30 am at Newcastle St. James Park, they will face Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.

After losing 0-1 to Peru and drawing 1-1 with El Salvador in 2 consecutive home A matches in June, coach Klinsman stayed in the United States, where his home is located, and faced controversy over ‘neglect of duty’. This is because it was the exact opposite of his promise to live in Korea, learn the soccer culture, and look for promising resources before taking office as the Korean head coach. However, at a video conference with reporters from the Korea Football Association (KFA), including this magazine, on the 17th, he said, “It is an exaggeration to conclude that he does not live in Korea.” We may meet in person, but we are currently in constant contact and observing.”

Instead of coach Klinsman, coach Michael Kim and advisor Doo-Ri Cha took the lead to look at K-League, etc., but criticism followed that the head of the team was too focused on Europeans. As a result, the content and results of the 2nd A-match in September became important. He is also well aware.

First of all, looking at the September call list, new resources were selected for the second line and the rear. In particular, defensive midfielder Lee Sun-min (Gwangju), center back Kim Ji-su (Brentford), and goalkeeper Kim Jun-hong (Kim Cheon) were selected for the first time in the A national team, and multi-talented resources such as Lee Dong-kyung (Ulsan) and Kang Sang-woo (Beijing Guoan) were brought in for the first time since their inception. . Coach Klinsman actively accepted the opinions of coaches such as advisor Cha Du-ri and selected a number of them, and how to harmonize with the existing members is another point that will overturn the ‘attendance controversy’.

However, there is the only position that has not changed since the appointment of manager Klinsman. He is a forward striker. Cho Kyu-seong (Mitwillan), Hwang Eui-jo (Nottingham Forest), and Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic), who were summoned during the A-match last March and June, were included in the roster.

In the first place, there was also a view that a change in the striker lineup would follow this time. First of all, the situation of the three people is not good. After advancing to the Danish league this summer, Cho Kyu-seong showed off his good sense of goal by scoring goals in the opening 4 consecutive games, but collapsed with a hamstring injury 20 minutes after the kick-off in the match against Bronvision on the 21st. Hamstring injuries vary in degree of injury, but to prevent recurrence, ‘complete rest’ is recommended for at least three weeks. A KFA official said, “I know that coach Klinsman confirmed that there was no problem in communicating with Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), who also injured his hamstring, as well as Cho Kyu-seong.”온라인카지노

Hwang Ui-jo has no special injuries, but he has not been able to play a single game this season as he was pushed out of the Nottingham main competition. There are concerns about his hands-on sense. Oh Hyun-kyu’s situation is the worst. Earlier this month, he injured his calf and has not played a game since the start of the Scottish Premiership this season.

In this situation, there were voices predicting the selection of Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan), who runs the top scorer (13 goals) in the K-League 1, but he was turned away again. Ahead of the list announcement, “Honestly, I expect 0.1%. I’ve been hurt so much… Joo Min-gyu, who felt sorry for not having a toxic relationship with the Taegeuk mark, said, “I had to feel the pain of dropping out once again.

As it is the choice of coach Klinsman, who is a ‘great striker’, it is expected that the performance of the existing three European musketeers in this A match will be of interest.

Of course, it may be a decision with the frontline deployment of ‘captain’ Son Heung-min (Tottenham) in mind. He also plays as a left winger, the main position of his team, and plays the role of one-stop in the front line of his game. Coach Klinsman has shown strong belief from before, saying, “I can fully utilize Son Heung-min as a striker.” Rather than changing the striker lineup that has been breathing so far, there is also an intention to expand the use of Son Heung-min, who ‘believes and writes’, while strengthening trust.

Among the Taegeuk warriors participating in A-match, players playing in Korea will depart on September 4, and players from overseas leagues will join locally.

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