The greatest happiness of 25 years as a leader… Head coach Oh Hae-jong “I’m happy that my alma mater won the championship”

Oh Hae-jong, head coach of Chung-Ang University, who has been a leader for 25 years, expressed overwhelming emotions after winning the championship.

Chung-Ang University, led by coach Oh Hae-jong, defeated Jeju International University, led by head coach Seo Hyuk-soo, by a score of 4-1 in the final match of the 59th Chugye Univ. Chung-Ang University lifted the championship trophy for the first time in 4 years since 2019. 

After the match, coach Oh Hae-jong said, “We were able to win thanks to the support and encouragement of the general manager, manager, and president of the Chung-Ang University soccer team in difficult circumstances.” Blocking off attacking midfielders, things like that worked well. It is also the same with scoring an extra goal early in the situation when the atmosphere was about to turn.” 

It was the central university that eventually stood at the top, but the beginning was not good. Chung-Ang University lost 1-2 to Yongin University in the first match of the group stage. However, after that, he calmed down and showed off his fierce momentum. Head coach Oh Hae-jong said, “After losing one in the preliminaries and overcoming obstacles, the organization became solid and I gained confidence that I could do anything. The team has become stronger as time goes on,” he said. 온라인카지노

On this day, three first-year players scored one goal each. Head coach Oh Hae-jong said, “I have the idea of ​​appointing better kids by making them compete equally on the playground regardless of grade level. Because everyone is given a chance to compete, it seems that the children worked harder and gained more strength as they went from spring to fall,” he said. (Assignment) I reached the semifinals in one month. It seems that the team has improved as we competed in good faith.” 

Coach Oh Hae-jong is a leader with deep bones in the high school stage. He said, “After 20 years of high school, I came to conquer (high school stage) and conquer college. that was the dream We won early, but we need to be able to continue to lead,” he emphasized. 

Head coach Oh Hae-jong, who has been a leader for 25 years, said, “I became a leader at Jungdaebu High School and won the championship, and came back to Chung-Ang University, my alma mater, and won the championship. I am even more happy that I (won the championship) within an early time in college. I am more happy to win because the university level is higher than high school.” 

Coach Oh Hae-jong is a holder of a P-level instructor’s license. He said, “(Soccer) is difficult the more you play. Football never ends even if you study continuously. The more you do it, the more difficult it becomes. I felt that it would be difficult if I didn’t try and study,” he said. “This is the beginning. I am a freshman in college, but I will start from now and make Chung-Ang University the best team.”

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