Ahn Ik-soo responded with a surprise resignation to the cry of ‘Ik-soo out’… Seoul, engulfed in turbulence

K-League 1 FC Seoul fell into turbulence.

Seoul drew 2-2 in the 27th round home game of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ with Daegu FC held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 19th. The last victory was the 7-2 defeat of Suwon FC on the 12th of last month. In the last 5 games, 3 draws and 2 losses, they maintained 4th place with 39 points (10 wins, 9 draws, 8 losses), but they are not satisfied.

In particular, the three games played in August were shocking. In the home game against the Pohang Steelers, who had been competing for second place, they were 2-1 ahead and scored an equalizer in extra time in the second half. In the match against Daegu, which needed a turnaround, they gave up an equalizer in the 36th minute of the second half.

Seoul fans, who praised coach Ahn Ik-soo, who brought a fresh breeze to the K-League by implementing various strategies and introducing a new culture such as the abolition of camps after taking office in Seoul, which was in danger of relegation during the 2021 season, saw the team collapsing in a repeated pattern recently and said, “Ik-soo I shouted “OUT”, and it really happened.

Coach Ahn announced ‘voluntary resignation’ at an official press conference immediately after the game in Daegu. He took out his tablet PC and read the ‘resignation change’ he had prepared himself. He said, “Seoul needs change to develop. I tried my best, but I couldn’t achieve what I pursued and I quit halfway. My role ends here.”

It wasn’t an impromptu decision. According to many footballers, coach Ahn has been thinking about where to go for a long time. He even thought about the right timing so that the team could move on smoothly.

There were already many views that it would be difficult for director Ahn and Seoul to continue. Rather than resignation or hardship, a natural breakup at the end of the contract period was likely. However, director Ahn decided first. He did not inform the players in advance, and it was found that he only communicated his intentions to some people. Most of the members of Seoul were shocked by the surprise farewell notice from the head of the site. Coaches and players were devastated, and club officials were perplexed.온라인카지노

You can’t let go of it though. There are 6 regular round matches and 5 final round matches left this season. The gap between the 2nd and 3rd ranks is not large, so there is still a high possibility of entering the top ranks. Coach Kim Jin-gyu, who often kept the bench while coach Ahn was absent due to disciplinary actions, could be assigned as acting coach and take responsibility for the rest of the season, but if he speeds up, a new command tower can be appointed. Seoul plans to run a radar network both domestically and abroad to look for candidates for directors.

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