PS probability 0.7% crash! Ohtani’s cap and triple play are useless… There are no miracles even if trout comes

Ohtani Shohei is tired. The team is also falling without holding on to the brakes. Is there any hope for the return of soul mate Mike Trout? Los Angeles Angels’ remaining games are gradually disappearing.

On the 19th (Korean time), the Angels lost the match against the Tampa Bay Rays at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA, 6-9 after a close game in the 10th overtime. The season ended with 60 wins and 63 losses. 

Ohtani performed a one-man show. He started as the designated hitter twice and hit a grand slam in the bottom of the second inning. The second grand slam of his career. And it was the 43rd gun of the season. Early on, he increased the chances of the Angels winning. They ran away to 5-1, and in the second inning, the Angels’ chance of winning reached 87.2%. 

However, after that, he lost points to Tampa Bay. After that, he dedicated 5 points to the back, adding 1 point, and reached the 9th inning with a 6-6 tie. Even in the top of the ninth, the Angels turned the crisis of despair into the best opportunity. In the top of the ninth inning, Carlos Esteves came up, but Yandy Diaz and Randy Arozarena hit consecutive hits, putting the 1st and 3rd bases in danger. 

The infield played forward defense and faced Harold Ramirez. Estevez brought out the best results. He headed for the shortstop who played forward defense, and led a double hit that led to the shortstop, second baseman, and first baseman. However, at this time, the runner on third base dug in, and rookie first baseman Nolan Shanuel caught the runner on third base with an accurate throw to first base. With a triple play in the top of the ninth, the Angels had a chance to end the ninth. However, Ohtani struck out in the 1st and 1st and 2nd bases, and it went silent and extended. In the end, he gave up 3 runs in 10 overtime and faced defeat. 

Ahead of the trade deadline (August 2), Lucas Giolito and Reinaldo filled Lopez on the mound, and reinforced CJ Kron and Randall Grichick to the lineup. Ohtani, who is about to become a free agent (FA), and the Angels, which may be the last season, ‘all-in’ for fall baseball. Neither giving up the season nor Ohtani expressed his will not to give up.

However, contrary to the club’s will, the Angels’ players fell sharply after the trade deadline. With a record of 4 wins and 11 losses, the 50% win rate is collapsing, as well as the ranking. With 60 wins and 63 losses, they are 4th in the American League West. There was a 12.5 game gap with the Texas Rangers, the leader in the district, and a 7.5 game gap with the 3rd place Seattle Mariners in the wild card race, which was holding on to hope. 

From the Angels’ point of view, it was the intention to hold out with Ohtani and reinforced players and see a game between late August and early September when ‘eternal MVP’ Mike Trout returns from injury. Trout, who underwent surgery for a fractured haematopoietic bone in his left hand in early July, only recently started batting practice with a batting ball machine. Once he is finished with live betting, he is expected to return to the major leagues immediately without minor league rehabilitation. The return of Trout, who is recording a batting average of .262, 18 homers, 44 RBIs, and an OPS of .862 before the injury, will allow him to build a pair with Ohtani. 메이저놀이터

However, even before Trout returns, the Angels are lowering the odds of fall baseball themselves. According to ‘’, as of the end of the game on the 19th, the chance of the Angels advancing to the playoffs is only 0.7%. Until just before the trade deadline, the probability of advancing to the playoffs was 14.8%, but now it has fallen to the 0% level, and we have come to the point where we have to give up hope. Furthermore, Ohtani is also hitting homeruns and struggling, but recently skipped starting pitches and is experiencing noticeable physical ups and downs. 

Ohtani is once again challenging for a historic MVP season by double-tapping, but the time between Ohtani and the Angels is getting shorter and shorter. The Angels’ gambles and adventures are failing utterly. 

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