Crazy treatment with an annual salary of 220 billion won… Neymar arrives in Riyadh on luxury charter flight

Neymar has arrived in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Hilal officially announced the news that it had recruited Neymar through the club’s channel on the 16th (Korean time). Neymar’s contract is for two years and his shirt number is 10. Neymar left Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) after six years and joined the Saudi transfer list.

PSG also announced on the club website that Neymar is leaving the team. PSG said: “We would like to thank the club legend, Neymar. Neymar has left his mark on the club’s history over six seasons. Neymar is PSG’s fourth-highest goalscorer with 118 goals in 173 games. .

After the transfer of Al-Hilal was confirmed, Neymar visited the PSG training ground to say goodbye to his teammates. On the 17th, PSG said on the club’s SNS channel, “Neymar greeted PSG players at the PSG campus (training ground). Mercy, Neymar,” a video showing Neymar saying goodbye to PSG players for the last time. has revealed온라인바카라

In the video, Neymar entered the training ground in a row of PSG players and greeted the players and club staff with hugs and handshakes. He was Neymar’s last farewell before leaving the club he had been fond of for six years.

Later, on the 19th, Al-Hilal released a video of Neymar arriving in Riyadh through the club’s social media channel. In the video, Neymar took a profile picture wearing an Al-Hilal uniform and then moved to Riyadh on a chartered plane provided by the club. The chartered plane prepared by Al-Hilal was literally super luxurious. Arriving in Riyadh, Neymar entered Riyadh and was welcomed by the media and fans.

Saudi league clubs are scouting players from Europe based on huge amounts of capital. European clubs are Saudi Arabia’s weapon of salaries that cannot be surpassed, and in addition to this, they guarantee many things to their players in terms of life. For players who are close to retirement, a transfer to Saudi Arabia can raise funds to prepare for life after retirement, and these conditions are attracting even young players who are in their prime.

Al-Hilal also promised Neymar a huge salary. According to local reports, the transfer fee paid by Al-Hilal to PSG is £86.3 million (approximately KRW 147.5 billion), and Neymar’s annual salary is reported to be £129.2 million (approximately KRW 220.9 billion). In addition to his salary, Neymar is expected to receive more money than he is known for, including bonuses and additional income.

The treatment Neymar will receive is not just a salary. Britain’s The Sun reported, “Neymar requested three supercars for his use, four Mercedes G wagons, and a Mercedes van with a driver from Al Hilal. The supercars Neymar demanded were the Bentley Continental GP. , Aston Martin DBX, Lamborghini Huracan.”

“Neymar also requested that a chauffeur be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for himself, his friends and family. He asked for 5 staff, including 1 chef and 2 cleaning staff, to help the personal chef who came in. According to sources, Neymar requested that the club cover all expenses, including hotels and restaurants visited during holidays.

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