‘Only 2 wins-Defense collapse’ since June… FC Seoul needs a new energy source

We need a new energy source.

FC Seoul, which was fighting for second place in the K-League 1 in the first half, was in danger of falling into the lower split (Final B, 7th to 12th) with 7 remaining regular league games left. With 10 wins, 8 draws and 8 losses (38 points), Seoul is currently in 4th place, but it is 2 points behind Incheon United (36 points), which is in 7th place, which corresponds to Final B.

Seoul will face Daegu FC (34th, 9th in points) in the K-League 1 round 27 home game held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 7:30 pm on the 19th.

In Seoul, the pace is rapidly shaking as the heat approaches. Since June, in 11 league games, they have only won 2 (5 draws and 4 losses). It is sluggish in the last 4 games in a row (2 draws, 2 losses).

One of the biggest weaknesses in Ahn Ik-soo’s coaching system is the ‘lack of support’. Even if they lead, their defensive concentration is disturbed at the end of the second half, and they often concede. In the recent match against Pohang Steelers (2-2 draw) and against Daejeon Hana Citizen (3-4 loss), they allowed an equalizer and winning goal, respectively, in extra time in the second half.

Unlike the previous season, the lack of a winning streak was cited as the reason why Seoul failed to go out even after showing good results in the first half of this season, a fatal defensive mistake and a lack of concentration at the end were the reasons.

In particular, center back duo Kim Joo-seong and Lee Han-beom, born in the 2000s, are shaking. The two are called the future of central defense in Korean soccer beyond Seoul, but they have never spent a full-time season as a starting point. In particular, Lee Han-bum is a case of a comeback this season after suffering from frequent injuries. It is pointed out that both players lost their stamina and concentration as the sweltering heat at the peak of high humidity prevailed. In the last match against Daejeon, when Seoul allowed 2 goals in the first half, the two’s faulty play became the root of the problem.

Lee Han-beom is the most fouled defender in the league since July (11). 3rd overall in the league. It indirectly feels that there are a lot of unreasonable movements as strength and concentration drop.

Kim Joo-seong is the only player to exceed 2,000 in the number of passes in the league this season, ranking first overall (2013). It serves as the starting point for the build-up that coach Ahn is aiming for and supports the last line. However, as in the scene where he allowed a penalty kick against Thiago at the end of the first half in the last match against Daejeon, it is clear that he is tired recently.

The coaching staff wants the two young defenders to overcome on their own, but considering the team’s lack of experience in starting full-time and the team’s biggest matchup of the season, they will not blindly push. There are voices saying that we should inject new energy and compete with other defenders such as Hwang Hyeon-soo or Kwon Wan-kyu through rotation.메이저사이트

The second line also needs to give more opportunities to Han Seung-gyu, who performed well in the Daejeon match, rather than relying only on veterans such as Ki Sung-yong and Palosevich. The same goes for the attacking team, which is still unable to find a clear alternative after Hwang Eui-jo leaves. It is necessary to find various ways to use Bjorn Johnson, a new outsider, and to assign various motivations to existing bench resources such as Kim Kyung-min.

It is Seoul that has to look back at the performance of the second half that has recently dropped to send out a fixed starter every time. It is time to take care of serious judgment and practicality for coach Ahn, who is drawing a higher position beyond Final A in his third year in office. 

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