The emperor of the world’s defenders who protects romance until the end, ‘Looking at the UCL, the best competition stage until the end’

The best players who dominated Europe for the past decade are leaving Europe.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the only players who entered the ‘new world’, headed to the United States and the Middle East, respectively. Messi moved to the US Major League Soccer (MLS) Inter My Mae, and Ronaldo wore the Al Nasr uniform of Saudi Arabia.

Real Madrid legend Karim Benzema also left for Al Atihad in Saudi Arabia, and Liverpool’s captain Jordan Henderson could not resist the temptation of Al Etifaq in Saudi Arabia. Sadio Mane, who led Liverpool’s golden age, also eats rice with Ronaldo and Al Nasr.

In particular, Saudi Arabia is attracting players who have played in Europe by offering huge amounts of money. Now, the next target is superstar Neymar.

Neamar’s move to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal is likely. Britain’s ‘BBC’ said, “Al-Hilal and PSG have agreed to transfer Neymar. The transfer fee is 90 million euros (131.2 billion won), and Neymar receives an annual salary of 150 million euros (218.8 billion won) from Al-Hilal. Neymar All of the medical tests and paperwork have been completed.”

European stars are being dragged away like autumn leaves by the lure of money. However, there is a star standing tall like a tall pine tree, unmoved by the temptations of the Middle East and America.

The main character is the best defender who has dominated European football for the past 10 years and reigned as the emperor of defenders. If there were Messi and Ronaldo in attack, it is Sergio Ramos in defence.

Ramos is a Real Madrid legend. After wearing a Real Madrid uniform in 2005, he played 16 seasons until 2021. A total of 671 matches. It is the fourth-highest player in Real Madrid’s history. Ramos is famous for scoring goals. He scored 101 goals for Real Madrid. When the strikers were silent, Ramos’ goals saved Real Madrid from crisis several times.

During this period, they achieved a total of four UCL championships, including three consecutive victories in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), the first in the 21st century. If you add up all the trophies won by Real Madrid, you have 22 trophies.

He is also a legend of the Spanish national team. He played 180 A-matches wearing the Spain national team uniform. The history of Spain’s national team’s history. His goals scored 23 goals. When Spain ruled the world with the ‘Invincible Armada’, the center of defense was Ramos.

Ramos was the driving force behind Spain winning the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the first ever World Cup title, as well as winning Euro 2008 and Euro 2012. Quite literally, he’s nothing short of the greatest defender in Spanish history.

Ramos transferred to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in 2021 and spent two seasons. And at the end of last season, I parted ways with PSG, and I am looking for a new team. Ramos became a free agent.메이저놀이터

Ramos also had offers from MLS and Saudi Arabia. But Ramos wasn’t worried. He immediately refused. Ramos is not thinking of another place. Even at the age of 37, his pride is unbending. There is only one place he will play, that is ‘Europe’.

Spain’s Marca said: “Ramos wants to stay in Europe. He plans to sign a contract with a European club later in the summer transfer window. Ramos has turned down offers from MLS and Saudi Arabia. I want to continue,” he said.

In particular, Ramos has not forgotten the thrill and greatness of UCL, the world’s best stage, the most competitive competition.

‘Marca’ explained, “Ramos has won the UCL four times. This time, Ramos also wants to sign a contract with a club participating in the UCL. The specific team has not yet been revealed.”

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