Challenge for 2 consecutive championships’ Daegu Arts University, Pajuk’s 3 consecutive wins ‘Join the tournament’

 Daegu Arts University joined the tournament with three consecutive wins. Daegu Arts University, led by coach Lee Chang-won, won the 59th Chugye Univ. Lee Hyun-se scored two goals to lead the team to victory. Daeshin University (3-2), Donggang University (4-0), and Nambu University lined up to advance to the tournament. Daegu Arts University is aiming for two consecutive championships following last year.

There were several one-sided multi-scoring matches that day. Soongsil University defeated Gunjangdae 7-0. Sangdae also defeated Dongwondae 7-1. Jeonju University defeated Gangdong University 6-0.안전놀이터

◇The 59th Chugye Univ. Football Federation Baekdudaegan period group stage final match (15th)

Jeju International University 5-1 Yeonseong University Gimcheon University

5-0 Korea Golf University

Soongsil University 7-0 Gunjangdae Ulsan

University 6-1 Korea International University

Dongeui University 2-2 Seoul National University Yongin

University 4-1 Chonnam National University of Science

Kwangwoon University 2-0 Sehan

University Halla University 1-0 Gaya

University Jeonju University 6-0 Gangdong

University Catholic Kwandong University 2-0 Jangan

University Daegu University of the Arts 4-1 Nambu University

Sinseong University 4-3 Daekyung University

Myongji University 4-0 Yeungnam University

Incheon University 2-1 Widuk University

Kyunghee University 1-0 Dongwon University of Science and Technology

Jeonju Jeonju University 4-1 Paichai University

Chung-Ang University 1-0 Gangseo University

Gwangju University 5-0 Kyungmin University

Konkuk University 4-0 Chosun University of Science and Technology

Sangji University 7-1 Dongwon University

Daesin University 1-0 Donggang University

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