“The momentum to take you directly to Germany”… ‘PL 260 Goals’ Shearer, ‘Happiness’ at the news of Kane’s transfer, ‘2nd in scoring’

Legendary English striker Alan Shearer was happy to hear that Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur), who threatens his record, is leaving overseas.

Shearer posted a picture on social media on the 11th (Korean time), saying, “Harry, it’s time to go!” The photo Shearer posted was a composite photo, showing Shearer standing next to an airplane looking like an airplane pilot.

Fans who saw this photo immediately understood what it meant and burst into laughter. Shearer, who has now scored the most goals in Premier League history, is in hot pursuit from Kane.

Shearer is the top Premier League all-time top scorer with 260 goals, but is closely followed by Kane, who ranks second with 213 goals. Kane scored 30 goals in the league last season, surpassing Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney (208 goals) and rising to second place alone.

The difference between the two players is 47 goals, so fans paid attention to whether the Premier League’s top scorer will change in the future. In particular, Kane, born in 1993, was expected to break his Shearer record before retiring as he was still only 30 years old.

While Kane was looking at Shearer’s record after Rooney, news that Shearer could laugh was delivered. As Tottenham reached an agreement with Bayern Munich over Kane’s transfer fee, Kane’s advancement to the German Bundesliga is imminent.

The British media’The Athletic’ reported on the 10th that “Tottenham accepted an offer from Munich, which is estimated to be worth more than 100 million euros (approximately 144.7 billion won).” The reason why Kane’s trip to Munich was so fast was the period of his contract.

The contract signed between Kane and Tottenham expires in June 2024. When next summer comes, Kane becomes a free agent (FA) and can freely choose the team he wants to play for, but Tottenham does not receive any transfer fee even if Kane, a world-class striker, leaves for another team.

The media also said, “Tottenham wanted to retain Kane, who is facing the last year of the contract, under the terms of a new contract, but so far there has been no progress on renewing the contract.” “I’ve been considering selling Kane in the transfer market this summer.”

Kane also decided to leave Tottenham and start anew in Munich. Reporter David Onstein, who is well versed in English football news, said on social media: “Kane has agreed to a four-year contract with Munich and will soon go for a medical to complete his transfer.”

Reporter Florian Plattenberg, who is well versed in Bayern Munich news, also announced through SNS that the transfer was approaching, saying, “The transfer of Kane is almost complete. The contract has been confirmed until 2027, and a medical test will be conducted today (11th).”

“As recently announced, Kane will be approved for transfer soon and will arrive in Munich on Friday (11th),” he said. ) – I want to play in the Super Cup head-to-head.”

When Kane’s transfer to Munich was imminent, Shearer posted a composite photo on social media and revealed that he was willing to drive a plane to Germany himself to help Kane’s transfer.먹튀검증

If Kane leaves for the Bundesliga, he will not be able to increase his Premier League goalscoring record, so naturally, Shearer will be able to keep his place as the Premier League’s all-time top scorer while Kane is gone. If Kane returns to England after finishing the contract period with Munich, Kane is 34 years old, so there is a question mark whether Kane will be able to break the Shearer record.

That’s why fans couldn’t help laughing at Shearer’s reaction to the news that Kane, who threatened his record, was leaving overseas.

On the other hand, with Kane wearing a Munich uniform not long away, fans were confused as Kane’s conflicting claims about the transfer situation came out.

European football transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, reporter Plattenberg, and ‘Sky Sports’ suddenly said on the 11th, “Tottenham has asked Munich to renegotiate.” “, he said, attracting attention.

Immediately after the shocking news that Tottenham put the brakes on Kane’s transfer while trying to change the negotiations suddenly, Simon Stone of ‘BBC’ and reporters of ‘Football London’ Alastair Gold said in unison, “Kane has already been approved by Tottenham for Munich. “He gave conflicting news.

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