“Prevent strong frontal pressure build-up… Raise the brand value of the sarcophagus”

“This year, the children’s skills are very good, but I was worried about what would happen if the results did not come out, but they all went away in this competition.”메이저사이트

Coach Lim Hyeong-nam (pictured), who led the victory of the Seoul Sarcophagus Middle School, said in an interview after winning the championship, “What I always pursue is to increase the brand value of the Sarcophagus, and I think it has risen a little with this first victory.” Regarding the strategy for the final match, coach Lim explained, “Mokdong Middle School is always a top-ranked team, so it worked to put strong forward pressure so that they couldn’t build up.” Director Lim said, “Next year, the children are graduating, so in a way, it was the last time, but it’s okay to lose, so I really wanted to do it.”

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