Not a player to be underestimated” Kim Ha-seong, second to national stars, ML 3rd place WAR proves it

 San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong (28) is having a great season comparable to other stars. 

Kim Ha-seong, who is in his third year in the major leagues this year, is recording an OPS of .839 with 15 homers, 41 RBIs, 61 points and 24 stolen bases in 106 games with a batting average of .286 (101 hits in 353 at-bats). WAR (War Contribution to Substitutes) provided by Baseball Reference, an American baseball statistics site, is 5.6, ranking third after Ohtani Shohei (Angels, 8.6) and Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta, 5.7).

Reporter Mike Petriello of, the official major league media, appeared on the MLB Network’s broadcast program on the 6th (Korean time) and talked about Kim Ha-sung’s performance this season. 

The host, who said, “Let’s talk about the hidden baseball star Ha-seong Kim,” said, “I think Ha-seong Kim was a good player in 2021. In his first year in the majors, he had an OPS+ of 73 (100 being the league average), but he was a good defender and a good runner. And last year he topped league average with an OPS+ of 106. He has grown into a good player. And he has a .380 on-base percentage and 134 OPS+ this year. He is still not well known, but I think he is a great player,” he said, introducing Kim Ha-sung’s performance this season. 

Reporter Petriello said, “WAR has many versions. Ha-seong Kim ranks in the top 3 in the major leagues in terms of WAR provided by Baseball Reference. Ohtani is leading the way, and Kim Ha-sung and Acuña Jr. are competing,” he said, paying attention to Kim Ha-sung’s WAR. 

“I am not saying that Ha-seong Kim is the third best player in the major leagues,” said Petriello, who cautiously took his luck. “But this is the positive function of WAR. He is hitting better than Rafael Devers (Boston). And he’s a player who can take any bat from center (second baseman, shortstop). Kim Ha-seong is expected to hit 20 homers and 20 stolen bases this year and is a strong Gold Glove candidate. He deserves that award. Kim Ha-seong just said, ‘I scored 40 runs. Is he having a good season? He’s not the kind of player who would just say ‘I don’t know’. WAR shows that Ha-Sung Kim is one of the best players in baseball. It goes without saying that he is 3rd, 10th, 15th, but he is having such a fantastic season and his WAR value reflects his value.” emphasized that 꽁머니지급

The host said, “Someone will say that Ha-seong Kim is not of equal value to Freddy Freeman (Dodgers) or Acuna Jr. Isn’t it?” he asked. 

In response, reporter Petriello said, “He’s not going to be the third best player in the majors. If you grab any baseball fan and ask him to pick the 50 best baseball players in the world, there is a high possibility that Kim Ha-seong will not be on that list. It probably will,” he said, pointing out that Kim Ha-seong is not yet a widely known star to general fans.

“That’s why WAR is a good metric,” said Petriello. “WAR is ‘no’. no. no. Don’t underestimate Kim Ha-seong. He says, ‘He did a great job as well as other players,’” he said, emphasizing once again that Kim Ha-seong is having a great season. “I’m not really trying to say that Kim Ha-seong is a better player than Freeman,” he added, explaining that it is important to pay attention to the WAR function. 

Kim Ha-seong is having the best season of the year. He is the fan favorite in San Diego. However, his national recognition is still a bit lacking. Nevertheless, through the indicator called WAR, he is making his name known little by little, standing shoulder to shoulder with national stars.

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