Comparison Of Swiss And British Schools


The best schools in the world today are in Europe, this is an indisputable fact. The first places in the ratings are traditionally held by private hostels and schools in Britain and Switzerland . The training centers of these countries are significantly different from each other. Let’s compare educational institutions by the main parameters and criteria.

Rating British Schools

Swiss schools occupy the first 9 lines of the TOP-15 rating of the most expensive, prestigious schools in the world. The British are in the 10-11th position.

Variety of study programs

Traditionally, the best in the world are the educational standards of Britain , Switzerland . At the same time, British schools offer mainly national A-level programs . In Switzerland, it is possible to get an education according to the French, Italian, German schemes. The national Matura standard and the sophisticated but effective IB program developed by Swiss specialists are also highly regarded .

Opportunities for continuing studies at universities

Studying in Swiss schools is the first step towards higher education in almost any country in the world. Secondary education received at Foggy Albion opens the door to universities in England and the states of the British Commonwealth.

Language practice

In Switzerland, a minimum of three languages ​​is required. Studying in Britain, in perfect child will master only English .

Order, discipline, pedagogical process

In British schools, students are taught the habit of studying diligently. The pedagogical process here is based on strict adherence to discipline. You will not find luxury in the country’s schools, ascetic education of youth is accepted here.

In Swiss schools, children will find a cozy atmosphere, a family atmosphere, a fairly democratic system. Accommodation is offered in extra comfort.

Teaching in Britain is carried out mainly by traditional methods. Innovations in schools are introduced into the educational process, but carefully and strictly dosed.

Switzerland is called the birthplace of progressive pedagogy. Here is a bet on the modernity of methods, technologies and programs.

Sociocultural assimilation

In Britain, it is difficult for a foreigner to become his own. This is due to the cultural characteristics of the country, migration legislation, many other conventions.

In Switzerland, the titular nation is absent as such. In a multinational and multicultural country devoid of xenophobia, children adapt more easily, become their own faster.


Sports in England and Switzerland are given a great deal of consideration. Yet, in Swiss all inclusive schools there are a request for extent more sports. Likewise, the nation has a lot more extensive open doors for the physical advancement of kids. Understudies in schools are offered numerous games segments, from tennis to skiing.

Climatic features

Britain is suitable for children in good health. Coolness and constant humidity – these are the main characteristics of typical English weather. In Switzerland, the climate is milder. In addition, mountain air has a healing effect. In the country, many children while studying at school forget about bronchopulmonary diseases.

Legal Aspects

The visa regime in Britain is stricter than in Switzerland. An educational visa, a residence permit is easier to obtain in a multinational country. In addition, studying at a school in Switzerland provides for the possibility of subsequent naturalization (simplified citizenship). In Britain this is not possible.


British schools are considered more status. This is due to the active work of specialists of educational institutions on the ratings of the latter. In Britain, it is customary to advertise a school with the names of its prominent graduates.

In Switzerland, schools do not flaunt the names of their students, as well as bank depositors. Schools here, in fact, do not need advertising. They are already associated with the highest quality of education.


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